The gaming industry has witnessed huge developments in the past few years, showing just how successful it has become.

In 2020, for instance, live streaming really came into its own, and channels such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming registered outstanding success. The same year Microsoft and Sony locked horns when both companies released new consoles: Microsoft with the xBox Series 5 and Series X, and Sony with the PS5.

The industry is a real battleground for developers and other operators in the industry, whether they’re doing so in standard video gaming or in iGaming. Giving players value is a crucial part of building an affinity for their games. One way they achieve this is by providing freebies. Below is a deeper look at this, plus some examples of games in which freebies are offered.


As talented as they are, some developers have little expectations of their games. They might suspect a small number of people will be interested in the game or in its features, but monetization isn’t on their mind. They just put it out there and see what happens.

To attract new players and gain an edge on the competition

A company like Epic Games is eager to get ahead of its competitor Steam. To achieve this, the company pays its developers well, providing an incentive for them to really strive for the best. They’ll then release games that players who hold an account with the company can download free. They’ll also conduct other improvements requested by users, such as voice chat, community features and more.

Games in which the developers give away freebies to players

The fierce competition out there means developers don’t hold back on the freebies. Providing free gaming and free elements of gaming for free can lead to long-term loyalty and income. The sacrifice is worth it to them.


The makers of “Doom” (2016) have made a big move by retiring the premium pass and making all of its downloadable content free. The Unto the Evil, Hell Followed and Bloodfall packs have all become free now. Three more playable demons, nine extra maps and three more guns came out of this decision, as well as some customizable armor features. The move opened up the game to new players, rewarded the loyalty of players who had invested money in the game and earned the developer the loyalty of both old and new players.

Jurassic Park

If there’s one industry happy to provide freebies to players, it’s the casino industry, whether offline with free drinks while players are at the tables, or online with bonuses and other promotions. Online casino bonuses can be confusing, but typical ones are no deposit, in which you receive credit to your account for signing up, and free spins, in which the operator awards you free spins for signing up. Games such as slots will feature bonus games, free spins and more to create excitement and give players value for money. The bonuses engage the player, and the developer and operator may earn themselves a customer for life.

A good slot in terms of its bonuses is the Jurassic Park slot from Microgaming. The game, one of many inspired by the movies, boasts five different free spins features, plus the T-Rex alert bonus feature, which places up to 35 wilds on the reels on the next six spins.


“Fortnite” is the most successful game on the planet and is free. It’s a multiplayer online game and the regular updates make it exceptionally engaging. It’s highly competitive and completely unpredictable. The game is thought to be worth between 5 and 8 billion dollars, which is good news for the developers, of course, and has built a legion of fans, who play for free. If they want a certain feature, they can make small in-game microtransactions, which many don’t mind making. Furthermore, Youtube streamers such as Ninja have also capitalised on the popularity of the game and simply made a fortune by streaming their gameplay.

Elder Scrolls Online

Bethseda have made the Elder Scrolls Online free for a short time, which is a real treat for fans of the franchise. The company has done this with QuakeCon 2022 approaching, and players can access all the base game content, plus the Morrowwind downloadable content for free.

At the end of the free period, players must switch to the paid version, and the game will transfer any progress they have made to the full version. The developers of the game can acquire new subscriptions, and fans can try out the game without spending a cent, enjoy what it has to offer and then subscribe, if they wish to. They’ll be more confident in parting with their cash for the game.

Titanfall 2

“Titanfall 2” made up for the disappointment its predecessor generated and added new maps, new guns, new Titans and new customizations for pilots, Titans and weapons. The developers also redeemed the game with a much better single player campaign.

Now they offer free downloadable content for anyone who buys the game. Each new “Titanfall 2” DLC release contains new maps, and may also contain new weapons and new game modes. As a result, the game never gets boring for the players, who must come up with new strategies, as the developer enhances its fan base for the game. They may also earn sales, as players will know once they’ve made the initial investment, they can enjoy the rest of the content for free.

Offering bonus features and content for free is a valuable way for developers to create value for players and build a large community of fans for their game, who may later become customers. In the longer term their generosity will have been worth it for the business. Both the players and the companies win.

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