Enjoying some time in the sun, Lena Dunham!

The Instagram post from Tuesday featured a slideshow of photographs in which the 36-year-old actress flaunted her tattoos and her extensive assortment of swimwear.

She is photographed in a black one-piece swimsuit and green, lavender, and mustard yellow bikinis, all of which feature minimal jewelry.

Dunham is wearing a black bikini, green sandals, a round wicker bag, and gold jewelry in the first photo.

“One piece, two pieces, red pieces, blue pieces,” Dunham captioned the photo.

Amanza Smith, of the band Selling Sunset, remarked, “Love u!!!! ” on one of the photographs, and she got a lot of positive feedback overall.

Also showing her support for Dunham, model Tara Lynn simply said, “Queen!!!.”

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“How I long to be able to rely on you. When I consider you, the word that comes to me is beautiful. When I consider how others may perceive me, though, I find that I must keep many things secret “the second Instagram user commented.

Dunham has been forthright in the past about the ways in which her body has evolved over the years, and in October of last year, the Girls star used Instagram to address the phenomenon of “body shaming,” which had become widespread following her September wedding to musician Luis Felber.

The author responded to the criticisms of her appearance and weight gain with a lengthy commentary in which she argued that the jokes were not amusing.

“Firstly, “did Lena eat the cast of Girls?” isn’t a very funny joke; I could do better if I were to tailor it to the Twitter audience.

Second, the comparison between my body and one that has also received public ridicule is hilarious; it creates a kind of body-shaming echo chamber. And last, when are we going to stop linking thinness with health and happiness?” at the moment, she enquired.

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“Losing weight can be the result of making healthy choices, of course, but guess what? Furthermore, gaining weight can “she stated, disclosing her current struggles with addiction and illness.

“The photos being used to judge me were taken when I was at my most addicted and illest. I’ve been sober for four years now, and I’ve finally started living my life as someone who prioritizes health above all else “She let it all hang out.

Lena Dunham Flaunts Her Multicolored Bikini Collection and Ink on Instagram

Dunham added that she made the decision to speak out in the hopes that her words will be useful to others.

It’s okay to live in your current body without perceiving it as transitional, she added, adding that she was saying it for anyone whose appearance had been transformed by time, disease, or circumstance. “Actually, I am, and it’s fantastic. Sending my love to you.”

In 2017, the Sharp Stick actress added a rose and Kewpie dolls—baby cupid characters who first appeared in comic strips in the early 20th century—to the tattoos she proudly displays on Instagram.

Lena Dunham Flaunts Her Multicolored Bikini Collection and Ink on Instagram

She captioned a shot of a rose up close, writing, “I think it gives me a sense of control and ownership of a body that is often beyond my control.”

Almost certainly, the star’s continuous struggle with endometriosis was meant to be a metaphor for the comment.

She also has tattoos of Eloise and pioneers female skateboarder Laura Thornhill, as well as the bull and bullfighter Ferdinand the Bull.

Lena Dunham Flaunts Her Multicolored Bikini Collection and Ink on Instagram

As part of her “73 questions” feature for Vogue in 2017, Dunham revealed that she only really regrets one of her tattoos—a picture from a children’s book.

At the time, she blamed an intoxicated man for the incident. “In a word, it stinks. It would be wise for me to find a way to conceal it.”

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