This former “Growing Up Hip Hop” kid has finally matured.

Former reality star Angela Simmons, now 34, has been showered with praise from fans after posting several photos of herself donning a green bikini for the Matte Collection during Miami Swim Week 2022.

She labeled the racy photos with the phrase “Raw no edit.” Then she said, “big thighs save lives lol.”

She accessorized her bikini with a matching off-the-shoulder button-down, many strands of necklaces, and a pair of transparent sandals.

Friends and fans of Simmons were quick to remark their approval on her Instagram, with Gabrielle Union writing “Beautiful” and musician Angie Beyonce saying “I think it’s so fantastic and so motivating for you to display real bodies, in real life, in real-time,” calling it “bold and daring.”

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One Twitter user gushed, “I absolutely adore that Angela Simmons did this,” while another said, “People tend to make fun of how natural bodies are in reality lord knows I love my cellulite dips and markings” after seeing photoshopped images.

Users all agreed. “There are so many plastic surgeries that people no longer value their natural bodies.”

People have become too accustomed to seeing “surgical bodies,” according to her adoring fans, who praised her for being “gorgeous and ALL NATURAL.”

Some controversy was also generated by the responses to the amazing photographs. Someone tweeted, “You know how many ladies out here rocking their true body and get body shamed?,” referring to Lizzo as an example, and the response was “crazy to me because what do y’all mean ‘back in style’?” after Angela Simmons released her raw images.

It was hard for some people to accept that Simmons was now an adult. Someone wrote, “I’m old enough that I think Angela Simmons is fine af, but I grew up loving her dad, and I have no idea what to do with these thoughts.”

She was talking about her father, Joseph Ward Simmons, aka Rev. Run, who was a founding member of the rap group Run-DMC.

Simmons, who is 34 and has a son who is five, is a fully developed adult who shows no sign of fear.

When it comes to my appearance or size, I do not feel any kind of pressure from the Hollywood industry. “I’m going to be myself,” Simmons told Page Six Style in May of 2020.

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As much as I’d like for people to believe otherwise, “perfect” is not a real concept. Okay, maybe I have cellulite, I thought to myself one day.

Angela Simmons's Unretouched Bikini Images from Miami Swim Week 2022 Have Been Much Commended

It’s possible that my body isn’t flawless. But I’m fit and happy with my appearance as it is, so I see no problem with accepting my natural spherical shape.

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