Joey King has developed from a little star to a skilled and widely recognized celebrity. Though she had already established a name for herself with roles like Ramona and Beezus and White House Down, the success of her appearances in The Kissing Booth flicks propelled her to franchise status.

Joey has a lot of future movies under her belt already, so she is certainly a busy bee. However, she does take time to relax and enjoy the sunshine by visiting the beach or the pool, where she may be seen flaunting a lovely bikini or swimsuit.

The actress from Bullet Train captioned a carousel picture from July 2020 featuring Joey in a royal blue and fruit-print two-piece outfit, “#21.”

She celebrated her birthday by standing in front of the water while wearing a silver tiara.

Despite her generally optimistic outlook, Joey has opened up about the negative impact her celebrity and popularity have had on her.

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The Crazy, Stupid, Love star told Flaunt magazine in March 2021, “I started to recognize the danger of people having so much information about you or to your personality or personal information.”

The times when I had to remind myself of my self-confidence increased.

She went on to say that “this new generation is taking the indicators that are being thrown at them and why it is taking a downhill trajectory,” and she advised her listeners to “acknowledge it and not join in the dark side of it.”

The Princess star went on to say, “I try not to put too much pressure on myself because I always feel like I have.”

Therefore, the ability to say things like “Hey, it’s alright if you’re anxious” or “It’s acceptable you’re swamped and only answer one email.” In just saying that I feel better.

Joey King also discussed how her experience with hair loss while preparing for the part of a lifetime in the play The Act forced her to rethink her standards of beauty.

She told PopSugar in June of 2019 that “after shaving my head, I truly had to confront myself.”

It's the ~Bikini~ Booth! Joey King's Beautiful Swimsuit Pictures Over the Years

“I had to look in the mirror every day to find my inner beauty and confidence and the outer beauty… and I can say with absolute sure that confidence is beauty.”

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In addition, Joey said, “The internet was hard on me the first two times – people are not very friendly online.” However, she stressed that she had no regrets about her lob haircut.

It's the ~Bikini~ Booth! Joey King's Beautiful Swimsuit Pictures Over the Years

Joey continued, “I remember looking in the mirror at that very moment and seeing that my hair was completely gone, and I just had the biggest smile on my face, and I thought, ‘This is going to be me for the next few months, and I’m ready to hang out with me.'”

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