The supermodeling industry has given Bella Hadid the opportunity to travel the world.

The 5-foot-9 stunner is constantly jetting around the world for various photoshoots and events, such as the Cannes Film Festival in the south of France and the beaches of Miami. Despite her busy schedule, Bella always packs a swimsuit or bikini and heads outside for some much-needed R&R wherever she may be.

Ex-Secret Victoria’s model was sighted in May 2022 in the hotel pool in Cannes, France, where she was staying with her boyfriend Marc Kalman for the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

She was wearing a skimpy, navy blue string bikini that showed off very little skin.

The founder of Kin Euphorics was spotted leaving her hotel in France a few days earlier wearing a swimsuit from her sister Gigi Hadid’s collection with Frankies Bikinis.

Leaving Hotel Martinez, the brunette beauty flaunted her long legs in a fawn print ruffled swimsuit layered over an off-white pleated miniskirt.

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Bella Hadid has spoken openly about her body positivity, telling Glamour magazine, “I’m incredibly glad to be a woman.”

Having the ability to be both feminine and strong is something I greatly admire in women. In addition, “you know, release the breast!” the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress exclaimed.

The native of Washington, DC, and her siblings were nurtured by their European parents. Yolanda Hadid is a Dutch mom, and their Israeli dad is Mohamed Hadid.

For Bella, the reason she feels completely at home in her own skin is because of her multicultural background.

My mum is European, you know. The entirety of my family hails from the old continent. She went on to say that the two of them had always felt “at home” in their skin.

“It’s totally cool if you don’t want to bare your body like that. But I have no problem if a woman chooses to bare her breasts or other private parts. A nip is liked by everyone.

Bella has a healthy appreciation for her physical self but has acknowledged that she has had difficulties in the past.

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After becoming a muse for Moschino, the model joined the relaunched Victoria’s Secret in December 2021 as a part of the VS Collective, among names like Priyanka Chopra and Hailey Bieber.

Bella Hadid, Supermodel, Reigns Supreme in Skimpy Bathing Suits! View Pics of Her Hottest Swimsuits

If they had approached me a few years ago, I wouldn’t have had the confidence in my own strength to say “yes” to doing Victoria’s Secret again. She explained her low self-esteem to Marie Claire: “I was just very insecure in life.”

“I now regard my physical being as a sacred temple. A lack of control over my physical being had become a problem in the past. It’s like I reclaimed my body.

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