What happened to Hong Sang Soo’s marriage?

Over the past few years, Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee have frequently been in the news in Korea due to having an extramarital relationship.

After his romance with Kim became known, Hong filed for divorce from his wife of more than 30 years in November 2016.

Only the victim of adultery has the right to lawfully request a divorce in Korea. However, his wife refused, and Hong’s divorce application was turned down by the Seoul Family Court last year.

Despite the fact that Hong and his wife had been apart for a while, he chose not to seek a higher court’s intervention so two are still legally married.

The couple at Berlin Film festival

According to a comment under a Reddit thread, Hong Sang Soo stopped paying for his own daughters tuition to fund Kim Min He’s lifestyle as they both were no longer getting work once the news of their affair broke out.

Once they admitted their affair in a conference, Kim’s rising career had crumbled under the weight of their scandal. She has been acting exclusively in Hong’s films ever since.

Are the couple still together?

The Lincoln Center posted a photo of the couple on its official Instagram account on May 6, 2022. The very next day at the Lincoln Center, Hong Sang Soo reportedly had his first Q&A session in the city since 2017.

They wore matching black outfits to the 2022 Berlin International Film Festival where the couple were spotted hugging, Hong even invited Kim to give an acceptance speech as his work The Novelist’s Film won the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize.

Most recently an anonymous Korean college student said that the couple were seen on the campus at Konkuk University where Hong works as a film teacher.

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