How has their relationship been so far?

On Valentine’s Day 2021, Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner finally made their relationship Instagram official after dating for almost a year.

Normally very private, the couple has given us a few glimpses into their relationship over the past year.

After the two were sighted travelling together, rumours started to circulate about Booker and Jenner dating. This was in April 2020 so it was rumoured that the two were merely friends at the time belonging to the same friend group.

In a photo dump on Instagram with the description “my weekend,” Kendall posted a collection of random pictures, one of which featured her and her boyfriend Devin cuddled up.

They look to be partaking in some sort of romantic farmhouse getaway, sipping wine while lounging by the fire.

When did things start to go down hill?

According to reports, In June 2022 the former couple ended their relationship after dating for two years.

A source close to Kendall said, “the couple hit a tough patch recently and have been apart for approximately a week and a half.”

Kendall and Devin

However, the pair were seen spending time together once more nearly a week after the news of their splitting apart.

By supporting Booker’s basketball career in an Instagram post, Jenner effectively put an end to all the breakup rumours.


However the former couple have broken up after trying again last month. They stated that it was because of their hectic schedules and that both of them were trying to focus more on their careers.

Devin received a social media shout-out from Kendall in late October in honour of his birthday. The 818 Tequila owner posted a picture of the pair along with the words “birthday boy” and a heart emoji.

So it appears that the two are still friendly despite their breakup.

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