Coronation Street figure Kevin Webster is a fictitious character. On October 19, 1983, Michael Le Vell portrayed the character on-screen for the first time. He was fired from the show in February 2013 and had sequences he had already filmed deleted from the broadcast because of claims of sexual misconduct. It took Le Vell another three months away from the show until he was found not guilty of all counts in September 2013, and he returned shortly to it at the beginning of 2014.

When it comes to protecting his two kids, Rosie and Sophie (Emma Collinge and Helen Flanagan), and their mother, Sally Webster (Ashleigh Middleton, Emma Woodward, and Brooke Vincent), Kevin does not hesitate (Sally Dynevor). While he and Sally were married, for the most part, he also had relationships with Natalie Horrocks (Denise Welch) and Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns).

Kevin Webster Illness

The latter connection resulted in his illegitimate son, Jack (Kyran Bowes), and his subsequent second divorce from Sally. Jenny Bradley has since been Kevin’s new love interest (Sally Ann Matthews). When Jack was kidnapped by her in 2015, the relationship terminated.

As of late, most of his plots have been around helping out with Jack’s care when he was diagnosed with sepsis and required amputation of his foot.

Kevin Webster’s fall on Corrie was not manufactured, as the show’s producers have confirmed, but the accident involving actor Michael Le Vell was not deleted.

Kevin Webster Illness


Several producers have come out after some viewers believed the actor’s painful stumble was staged for dramatic effect rather than an actual lapse in judgment during a fast-paced jog.

In order to save his son Jack from an intruder, Kevin jumped to his feet after hitting the cobblestones and lying there motionless for a few seconds.

Flustered, Kevin knocked on the door in a panic because he couldn’t find his keys.

“The fall was not expected to happen,” a spokeswoman for the company said to Digital Spy. Mike fell during the first take of the scene, but he persevered and finished the scene.

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It was unanimously agreed upon that the finest take was the one that had Mike’s fall. Despite this, he was delighted for them to utilize it even though he repeated the running sequence without it.

Fans of the show claimed that they “felt” the fall and wondered if actor Michael fell while filming the episode.

One admirer tweeted, “There’s no way Kevin’s fall was premeditated.”

Another person said, “#Corrie absolutely a true fall from Kevin!!!”.

“I’m curious if Kevin performs the stunts himself. A third person who saw the fall said, “That was some fall.”

Kevin Webster Illness

“I can’t tell if it was a stunt person or a camera angle that rewound Kevin’s fall, but it seems like a real fall!” There was an additional one tacked on.

A year ago, after getting sepsis, Jack, who had his foot amputated, sought sanctuary under his bed, fearing for his safety.

The intruder tries to flee through the rear door as Kevin rushes home and smashes the door open.

In the end, the invader was stopped dead in his tracks by Abi Franklin, who stabbed him to death.

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Police arrive and arrest the stranger, but Kev is bewildered when he discovers that nothing has been taken from the house.

Everything is made crystal evident later on when Kevin is visited by Sophie’s lover Paula Harris who reveals to him that she knows exactly who and why this man targeted the Websters’ home.

Her adversary, who Paula has been fighting for some time, is revealed to be a crook.

Following two break-ins at her own house, attorney Paula is currently residing at No.13.

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