Lisa Desjardins is an American political journalist who works for PBS NewsHour as a correspondent. Lisa Desjardins’ followers are inquiring about, generating a buzz if she has any ailment or condition because she is wearing an eye patch.

Who Is Lisa Desjardins?

As a reporter for PBS NewsHour, Lisa Desjardins travels the country to report on how choices made in Washington affect the people who live and work in their communities.

Lisa Desjardins Illness

Desjardins, 49, was born on January 29th, 1972, in Evanston, Illinois, and he graduated from the Medill School of Journalism in 1997.

Desjardins was a senior journalist and Capitol Hill reporter for CNN for over eleven years before joining the NewsHour team. While at the Associated Press and other media outlets before joining CNN, she worked for the likes of WBTW TV, WIS-TV, and WTS-TV in addition to Reuters and The Sun News. WIS in Columbia, South Carolina reported the news of a compromise on the removal of a Confederate flag from its state house dome.

She began freelancing for The Sun News, a Myrtle Beach newspaper, after working for the local television station. In addition, she began working as a freelance journalist for Reuters.

Desjardins is a graduate of the College of William & Mary and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. The Herzen State Pedagogical University in Russia awarded her a first-level master’s degree in Russian Studies.

A Peabody Award for CNN’s coverage of the 2008 election and a Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi award for national breaking news for coverage of the Haiti earthquake are among the honours Desjardins has received from the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association.

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What happened to Lisa Desjardins’ eye? Health Update

Lisa Desjardins Illness

After tweeting and warning her viewers that she would be wearing an eye patch, Desjardins’s supporters nevertheless expressed their concern for the news anchor’s well-being.

@NewsHour Tonight – we’re conducting a deep dive on Sen. @JoeManchin and @SenatorSinema — we travelled to Manchin’s hometown and throughout Arizona. As a side note, I’ll be sporting an eyepatch at the event. “I’ll elaborate on this later.”

In September 2020, political journalist Lisa Desjardins emerged wearing an eye patch, which sparked speculation about her health. Injury-related reasons were also a major factor in the decision.

As for her eye patch, Desjardins said she is OK and made a joke about it. On the subject of her eye patch, she joked that no one in Congress was to blame. A few days later, Lisa stated that she was clumsy.

When she was distracted and mistakenly opened a car door on her face, she had an eye injury. The political reporter’s Twitter feed is filled with nice comments and well-wishes. They also wondered if she needed eye surgery from the replies she received.

Lisa said she felt well during the programme on September 30 and had no immediate intentions to undergo surgery. The length of time she was required to wear the patch was not disclosed at the time.

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Is Lisa Desjardins Sick?

After a vehicle door accident that left Lisa Desjardins with an eye patch, there have been no additional reports of her illness. She is in excellent physical and mental health, and her personal and professional lives are thriving.

As a political reporter, Desjardins, a recent graduate of the Medill School of Journalism in Evanston, III, plans to pursue a career in journalism. Zombie Economics: A Guide for Personal Fiance, which was released in 2011, is one of her co-authored works.

WBTW, a small television station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was her first step into journalism. The network let her go after a year on the job, in 1998-1999.

What have people said about Lisa’s eye patch?

Many people flocked to Twitter after the telecast to discuss the news anchor’s new look, many of them expressing their support.

She informed me she’s quitting the News Hour to become a pirate. Good luck, Lisa!” one person joked.

“We were inspired by tonight’s PBS newscast,” said another. My wife and I are dressing up as Lisa Desjardins and her patriotic journalistic superhero fashion eye patch for Halloween this year. @LisaDNews is in my thoughts and prayers.

A follower also noted that an eye patch may be the new fashion trend, as Gucci has its own version.

There was a post that read, “All the autumn runways include eye patch. Let us know what you think about the latest fashions. I’m excited to read your work, as Arizona is where I call home.”

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Lisa Desjardins Married Life With Husband Jason

Lisa Desjardins Illness

Lisa Desjardins and her husband, Jason Desjardins, are happily married. Lisa and Jason were married in 2007 in front of a small gathering of their closest friends and family members.

The couple and their kid are now settled in Alexandria, Virginia. In spite of her status as a public person, Lisa has kept her husband and kid out of the spotlight. Her social media presence is largely silent on the subject as well.

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