Daniel Barenboim, a pianist, and World-renowned conductor announced on Tuesday that he is delaying some of his scheduled performances after realizing that he suffers from a “severe neurological disease.”

Barenboim, 79, had previously postponed a number of performances earlier this year due to health issues.

On Tuesday, he said that over the coming months, he would also be discontinuing “part of his performing activities, including conducting engagements.”

“My health has been worse over the past few months, and a dangerous neurological problem has been identified. He stated on Twitter, “I must now pay as much attention to my physical well-being as possible. I made the news with a combination of pride and grief “.

Barenboim, who was born in Argentina, has received praise for a distinguished career that started with him touring the world as a pianist at age 10 before he transitioned into conducting.

He gained even more fame when he co-founded an orchestra and organization to encourage collaboration between young musicians from Israel and Arab countries.

Additionally, he established the Berlin-based Barenboim-Said Akademie, which prepares talented musicians, primarily from the Middle East and North Africa, for careers as professionals.

He has served as Berlin’s State Opera’s general musical director since 1992.

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