Sam Heughan, the star of Outlander, shocked fans on Instagram with his dramatic transformation.

When you thought Sam Heughan couldn’t possibly get any more attractive, he goes and gets his hair cut, and the results are amazing.

The 42-year-old Outlander actor shared a new video on Twitter and Instagram to promote his upcoming memoir, Waypoints. The book, which will be published on October 25, chronicles Sam’s exploration of his native Scotland as he makes a 100-mile hike from his home in Ben Nevis to the highest mountain in the UK.

He displayed his new short hairstyle in the brief clip, which contrasts with the long red hair he usually wears when playing Jamie Fraser.

Outlander fans immediately reacted to Sam’s new appearance by rushing to the Instagram comment section to express their opinions on his remarkable makeover.

“I can’t wait to read! I like your short hair, “One individual wrote. “How thrilling! really short hair! “additional added Another fan exclaimed, “Love the new hair!”

Along with the many praises the Starz actor received, fans also expressed enthusiasm for the publication of his book.

Someone wrote on Instagram, “I truly can’t wait to read it! “Preordering is complete. Now all I have to do is eagerly anticipate the book! “one more said. “It’s amazing! I’m eager to curl up and read about your experience! Happy birthday, “A supporter spoke up.

Sam has written more books in addition to this one. Together with fellow Scottish actor Graham McTavish, he also co-wrote the 2020 book Clanlands. The next year, the two worked together once more on a second publication called Clandlands Almanac.

Fans are anticipating more than just his most recent memoir, too. Sam, along with other well-known actors like Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, John Bell, and Mark Lewis Johns, will soon make a triumphant comeback as everyone’s favorite Scottish soldier and landowner for season 7 of Outlander. New episodes may debut in late 2022 or early 2023, while no premiere date has yet been set.

We’ll just wait around while we wait for our copy of Waypoints to come and observe Sam’s new short hair as it develops.

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