If you find yourself tirelessly slashing through hordes of demons in Devil May Cry 5 for the umpteenth time, then you, like us, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Devil May Cry 6. The journey of this iconic game franchise, which was initially conceived as part of the Resident Evil universe, has taken a devilishly exciting turn.

Capcom recognized that the series’ unique, over-the-top action didn’t quite align with Resident Evil’s survival horror aesthetics. So, Devil May Cry was born, and it has since become a beloved staple in the action gaming world.

Devil May Cry

For those who’ve followed our Retro Dodo adventures, the name Dante should be no stranger. He’s the charismatic and relentless Devil Hunter, the face of the franchise, and the embodiment of stylish demon-slaying action.

And if you’re a fan of challenging gameplay akin to the Souls series, then you’re in for a treat. Devil May Cry blends Dante’s wit, Vergil’s formidable strength, and the series’ signature difficulty to create a gaming experience that’s nothing short of exhilarating.

With every installment, Devil May Cry games have pushed the boundaries of action and storytelling. Now, as we eagerly anticipate Devil May Cry 6, let’s delve into what we know so far, along with some intriguing speculations.

Devil May Cry 6: The Devilish Details

Devil May Cry 6 has the Herculean task of surpassing the high bar set by its predecessor, DMC 5. It’s been four long years since the last installment, and Capcom has undoubtedly been hard at work crafting this highly anticipated sequel. But hey, it’s a shorter wait than what GTA fans endured for a sequel to GTA V, right?

At the end of Season 5, we witness a peculiar reconciliation between the iconic brothers, Vergil and Dante. While they continue to argue even in the depths of the underworld, it appears that a fragile sort of partnership has emerged.

Devil May Cry

Considering Vergil’s previous desire to rule over everything with a Thanos-like ambition, this newfound collaboration raises questions. Will their partnership dominate DMC 6, or will sibling rivalry resurface with a vengeance? Speculations abound, and we’re eagerly awaiting answers.

DMY 5 introduced live-action cutscenes as an optional viewing experience, dividing fans into those who loved and those who loathed them. Regardless of your stance on live-action cinematics, they’re likely to make a return in Devil May Cry 6, given the buzz they generated. Fortunately, they remain an optional feature, ensuring that players can enjoy the game as they prefer.

Devil May Cry 6: Release Date Speculations

As of October 2023, there is no official release date for Devil May Cry 6. However, based on the development cycle of previous DMC games, it is estimated that Devil May Cry 6 could be released in winter 2025.

Devil May Cry 6: Release Date Speculations

This estimate is based on the following:

  • Devil May Cry 5 was released in March 2019, and it took approximately 6 years to develop.
  • Capcom has not yet announced any plans for Devil May Cry 6, but they have stated that they are committed to the franchise.
  • Capcom is currently working on a number of other projects, including Resident Evil 9 and Pragmata. This suggests that Devil May Cry 6 is not yet in full-scale development.

However, it is important to note that this is just an estimate. The actual release date of DMC 6 could be earlier or later than winter 2025, depending on a number of factors, such as the development process and Capcom’s release schedule.

The Inferno of Gameplay

Each DMC installment has outdone its predecessor in terms of intensity and gameplay. Season 6 promises to turn the heat up even further, offering a fiery inferno of action, intricate puzzles, and a deeper, more immersive storyline. Prepare to be engrossed in a narrative that tugs at your emotions, reminiscent of the emotional journey experienced while playing Ghost of Tsushima.

Devil May Cry gameplay

As Dante and Vergil confront a myriad of challenges, the constant specter of betrayal looms over their partnership. Something ominous is brewing, though it remains just out of reach. Items, weapons, costumes, and outfits will once again play a pivotal role, not to mention the powers and abilities that both characters can wield. Expect these powers to be further enhanced, with new traits unlocked through mission completion, reminiscent of progression systems in Metroid Prime and RPGs.

Combat in Devil May Cry 6 is poised to be smoother and more stylish than ever, leaving players craving more demon-slaying action. Brace yourselves; you might find yourself replaying the game dozens of times while eagerly anticipating Devil May Cry 7.

A World of Exploration

Devil May Cry games are renowned for their meticulously designed levels, and Devil May Cry 6 promises to take this to the next level. In a gaming landscape evolving since the days of the original DMC, developers now aim to offer not just visually stunning environments but also depth and exploration.

Devil May Cry

While Hyrule’s Depths might not rival the infernal depths of the Underworld, Devil May Cry 6 is set to feature expansive and explorative elements throughout its world. Prepare to get lost in the richly detailed settings, uncovering secrets, and engaging in thrilling demon-slaying adventures.

The Devil May Cry 6 Rumor Mill

Rumors surrounding Devil May Cry 6 have been swirling like a tempest in the abyss. One intriguing rumor suggests the return of beloved characters from earlier games. Speculation abounds that Lucia, introduced in DMC 2, may take on a more prominent role in the series once again.

The Devil May Cry 6 Rumor Mill

But here’s a twist you might not relish: another rumor suggests that Devil May Cry 6 could be a remake rather than a brand-new installment. Yes, you heard that right. In an era where remakes are all the rage, it’s not entirely far-fetched. With the success of remakes like the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake for the PS5, it’s possible that Devil May Cry 4, the best-selling entry in the series, might receive the remake treatment.

The Gaming Platforms of Devil May Cry 6

Prepare to embark on your demon-hunting journey on a range of platforms. Devil May Cry 6 is set to release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows, and Steam.

However, Nintendo Switch fans may need to exercise patience, as it’s unlikely to grace the Switch initially due to hardware constraints. Perhaps, with the release of the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, a Devil May Cry 6 port could become a reality.


While we eagerly anticipate Devil May Cry 6, one burning question remains: When will it grace our gaming consoles? The most likely answer points to a Winter 2025 release. If you’ve also been following Capcom’s plans, you’ll know that Resident Evil 9 is slated for a Summer 2025 release. A six-month gap between these two major titles seems like a sensible marketing strategy. Imagine unwrapping Devil May Cry 6 on Christmas day, a perfect gift for gamers to savor over the holiday season.

In closing, Devil May Cry 6 promises to be a devilishly thrilling adventure, building upon the franchise’s legacy of stylish action and compelling storytelling. As we await further details and the official release, the demon-slaying duo of Dante and Vergil will undoubtedly keep us on the edge of our seats. Prepare for an inferno of action and emotion when Devil May Cry 6 finally arrives.

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