Walmart is the source of the shove and shoving-related viral videos. Don’t worry, we won’t throw you into the middle of that hellhole. Instead, take a seat back, unwind, and allow us to walk you through the top online sales Walmart will be offering on Black Friday.

Even though no discounts are now active—remember, it’s still August—you should continue to check this page and our other brand-specific pages for updates. These include Amazon and Best Buy.

2022 Walmart Black Friday Game Console Sales Predictions

Only the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S are expected to experience significant price decreases throughout the upcoming holiday season, just like every other retailer. However, we anticipate that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will receive excellent discounts on any future bundles.

We anticipate this to follow suit over at Walmart as PlayStation Direct and Best Buy have also been offering hefty bundles—additional controllers, etc.—in the name of offering a decent value.

Possible Xbox Series X And S Deal From Walmart

Halfway through the year, there are already some discounts available for the Xbox Series S, which is fantastic news for anyone eager to try out the newest gaming technology. Given that the smaller of the two Xboxes is now eligible for a free digital game promotion from Best Buy and Amazon, we anticipate Walmart to offer a similar promotion this year.

Despite having more stock than the other two major systems, we don’t anticipate the Xbox Series X to be available on Black Friday. With Christmas just around the bend, some parents will want to earn the “#1 Parent” mug due to bundles and the extremely remote possibility of a price reduction.

Potential PlayStation 5 Offers From Walmart

Do not purchase a PlayStation 5 for close to $650 or $750, as is currently stated on the website at this time. We are unsure of what is going on with Walmart prices related to the PlayStation 5 at this time.

Please wait and purchase a bargain that is slightly more reasonable and closer to the console’s MSRP rather than the large bundle with Horizon: Forbidden West and an extra controller.

However, if Walmart is allowing customers to add items to their carts right away and subsequently purchase them, then general stock difficulties must be fading. This holiday season, don’t anticipate any price reductions, although you might find some great offers on controllers and game-related packages.

Walmart Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals Are Anticipated

Even though the Nintendo Switch is getting on in years, now is the ideal moment to get one thanks to the release of Splatoon 3 and a large number of exclusive games.

You can choose the Switch OLED, Switch, or Switch Lite that you desire, and you can also be the best present giver this year with one of these devices. We advise either the original Switch or a Switch Lite for children. An OLED Switch will be well received by the older kids.

You simply won’t feel as awful if a regular Switch or Lite edition is knocked off the couch during the Christmas festivities, despite there being no power differences.

Walmart’s Potential Black Friday Gaming Offers

These days, Best Buy and Amazon have gradually replaced them as the go-to places for gaming. Walmart does, however, regularly whip out a bag of bargains, and this year’s selection of video games was no exception.

Even though Saints Row’s revival has been widely panned, you might find it on sale on Black Friday. Of course, you won’t find any real savings on Dexerto’s beloved Call of Duty.

However, we don’t advise you to do so because the selection is, to put it mildly, bizarre. Codes for Mercenaries 2 and Command & Conquer 4 are scattered between the different V-Bucks and Nintendo eShop vouchers you can obtain, clearly scrounging from the rear of the office.

Walmart Black Friday Prebuilt Computer And Laptop Sales Are Anticipated

We’ll be breaking down all of Walmart’s Black Friday prebuilt and laptop bargains closer to the holiday. Walmart’s prebuilt PCs may have been the punchline of the joke in 2022, when videos of subpar builds were published by LinusTechTips and GamersNexus. But these contemporary systems will undoubtedly be quite beneficial.

Walmart seems to have resorted to selling just prebuilt PCs made by other firms as a result of the criticism they received. There are attempts to categorize them, but based on our own observations, the prices for aging rigs are radically out of date.

Because a CyberPowerPC might be more affordable elsewhere or a gaming laptop might not be the finest system to buy at this late stage in 2022, keep it locked here for when we locate the greatest and most deserving discounts.

Possibly Available Walmart Cyber Monday PC Gaming Deals

On the other hand, Walmart has been monitoring the prices of the various PC gaming components. While CPUs and other GPUs all have decent, albeit slightly higher than MSRP cost, RTX 3080 prices aren’t in the thousands.

Going future, we’ll be sure to keep an eye on this specific segment, especially if Ryzen 7000 and 40-series CPUs start to appear on store shelves. Don’t get your hopes up just yet; we might be lucky this year and discover that Walmart has started cutting component pricing.

Walmart Black Friday Offers On Gaming Peripherals And Gear Are Anticipated

The Walmart gaming equipment aisle is like a mini-minefield, mixing $14 mice that are truly bad with expensive Razer mice. Even while it appears to be a fantastic value, the $25 keyboard won’t end up being a good deal over the long term when compared to well-known rivals. Check Black Friday Deals on Computer & Accessories

Potential Headphone Sales From Walmart

Once more, you’ll discover that Walmart is not exactly an authority on headphones. The large supermarket chain is more important than your Black Friday headphone deals. Be prepared to resist the impulse to buy the $30 headset with bright lights if you’re looking for a gaming headset. Follow along with our headset reviews, focusing on the most recent Steelseries models.

It’s a bit of a minefield, so to speak, but we’ll list all the deals worth snagging right here.

Possible TV Sales At Walmart

Walmart’s main product is TVs. Walmart is the place to go if you’re looking for a good 4K TV. Every year, as they prepare for the upcoming year by cleaning store and warehouse inventories, Walmart regularly offers huge discounts on TVs. Walmart TVs have already received significant price cuts this year, with some 4K TVs currently available for as little as $300.

Just be mindful of the resolution, as anything less than 4K these days isn’t exactly advised.

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