There is a magic about Halloween that no other holiday can compare with. Halloween parties are planned everywhere, and everyone dresses as witches, vampires, ghosts, and skeletons. Sending out Halloween wishes and sayings to all is just one more way to add to the special occasion for family and friends. You can also use greeting cards with Halloween-themed wishes to send to pals who are college students or professors.

Unrivaled assortment of adorable Halloween quotes to send to your mentors and professors. Text messages with happy Halloween wishes and spooky sayings are great to share on Facebook and WhatsApp.

“When the night is darker and everything transforms into evil and devil…. It is Halloween time….. Best wishes to you on this spooky fall time!!!”

“Tonight again the bats will be seen flying…. The dead is going to rise again….. The echo of screams will be heard….. It is Halloween and we have all reasons to be scared.”

“The ghostly, scary, deadly night is back again and I am sending best wishes on this spooky occasion to the teacher we love the most.”

“The best time of the year is here….. ghost hunting and pumpkin carving….. witch hunting and monster dressing will keep us all busy….. Happy Halloween.”

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halloween quotes for teachers

“The only teacher who has the power to shoo away all the ghosts and vampires with her lectures is YOU….. Happy Halloween to you!!!”

“The bone-chilling Halloween is here…. And I hope that all the deadly students of your class never come back to haunt you.”

“There are some students in the class who always scare the teacher…. Happy Halloween to you and may these ghostly students vanish from your life.”

“Let the goosebumps cover you all and let the chill run down your spine because it is Halloween time…. Have a spooky day ahead.”

“Thanks for making all the Halloween celebrations so much fun for all of us…. Happy Halloween to the most amazing teacher!!!”

“You are the one who taught us to carve the pumpkins….. Best wishes to my dearest teacher on Halloween…. Let us have a killing Halloween!!!”

” On the occasion of Halloween, I want to tell you that you are the angel in our lives who has brightened every day….. Happy Halloween.”

“Wish you the best Halloween ever and a warm Thank You for making our Halloween celebrations so much fun!!!”

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halloween quotes for teachers

“You can’t scare me; I’m a teacher”

“‘Witch’ way to the candy bowl”

“It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus” 

“Trick or treat yo’ self”

“A pumpkin a day keeps the goblin away”

“Eat, drink, and be just a tiny bit scary”

“This Halloween, I’m going to be a tired teacher, aka myself”

 “I’m 99% more fun on Halloween”

“There’s nothing fun about fun-size candy bars”

“I’m just creepin’ it real”

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What Is a Good Halloween Poem?

halloween quotes for teachers

If you are looking for a good Halloween poem for all ages, here is one:

Halloween Fun by Ada Clark
We like to go on Halloween
All up and down our street,
Dressed up like ghosts and witches,
And frighten those we meet.
I like the lively jack o’ lanterns
That wink and blink at me
The screeching bats and creeping cats
Are funny as can be
I like to eat the pumpkin pies
That mother makes – yum, yum!
Oh, I’m so very glad each year,
When Halloween has come!

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