I’ll never understand why it happened to me and how I lost you and the relationship we had. But on this happy occasion of the new year, I’m sending you New Year Wishes for my Ex-Girlfriend. Even though we broke up too soon, the care, love, and honesty we shared will never go away.

New Year’s Wishes for an Ex-Girlfriend will help me win back your beautiful heart, get you to come back to me, and promise you’ll never leave me alone again. If you want to wish your ex-girlfriend a very happy and successful year, you can use our unique list of New Year’s wishes.

You can give me one last chance to show how much I care about you. Our split will be shown to be wrong. You must miss the fun we had together, our friendship, and our chemistry, which people liked last year.

New Year Wishes for your Ex-Girlfriend will make you think about how much I really cared about you and loved you. I can’t wait for you to come into my life and make this new year as happy, joyful, and beautiful as you are by staying with me for good.

Messages To Your Ex Girlfriend

Best Happy New Year Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

“Hey beauty! I really miss you. You are still a gem for me. I can never forget you. Please take my apology in your kind notice and bounce back to me.”

“My dear you are still my weakness as well as my strength. I can not even think to forget you. I hope you feel the same for me. Our bond can never be as weak as we treated each other. Just bounce back please.”

“You are still as important to me as always. Forgive me and come back to join me on this blissful occasion of new year to make this more special. I guarantee you that you will never regret for this decision anymore.”

“I can never stop loving you, thinking about you. You are always in my prayers as ever before. Just stay blessed.”

“Whether our relationship proceed or not but our friendship can last forever. I hope you feel same for me. Just keep in touch.”

“I can never forget the love, support, care, bond and sincerity we shared together. It will always work as a strength for me. I wish for you the same.”

“However, we are no longer in a relationship but still we can care, pray, worry, happy for each other. We can join each other on many blissful events in our lives. Our friendship can stay alive if we want.”

“Love can never end but the relationship could be. I hope your love for me could never be ended.”

“You are a beautiful soul. You can never be forgotten even after parting our ways. Your beautiful nature and positivity will always lead me the right way as it worked for me before.”

“Relationships can be changed but the real soul of a relationship stays alive. In the same way care and love for you will never be trashed out of my heart. Wherever you live just stay blessed.”

Quotes For Ex-Girlfriend You Still Love

Best Happy New Year Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

My New Year’s wishes for your ex-girlfriend will make her remember how possessive you were of her, how much you cared for her, how much time you spent with her, and many other things. This period of time that kept you from getting away, made you sad, and broke your heart should not happen again this year or in any of the years to come.

“I still miss her because fragrance could never escape the jar of perfume.”

“Her presence is like the breath I take.”

“She is still the queen of my heart as she didn’t escape my mind my heart.”

“She will remain in my prayers as she is the only reason for me to pray.”

“Her beauty is speechless and the beauty of relationship we shared copies her.”

“No one can replace her as she was the only one like her.”

“Moving on in life is not always so easy when you get edict of someone’s attention to you.”

“Her smile was like all the spark in this world. Without her smile everything in my life is hanged.”

“No one is ever beautiful as she was. Her beauty is speechless and endless to love/”

“People come in and go from your life but she left like taking away my life along with her.”

New Year Wishes For Ex

Best Happy New Year Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

“I hope this new year will be as beautiful for you as you yourself are. Happy New Year beautiful!”

“This new year could be luckier for you if you give me one and the last chance to prove myself. Have a blissful year ahead. Happy New Year darling!”

“I wish that this emerging year be as smooth for you as the falling of water from height. Happy New Year you beautiful!”

“I wish you more smile on your face, more power to overcome any hurdle and more energy to chase your goals this year. Happy New Year dear!”

“I wish you more bright ways to pass on and reach your destination you dream for. Happy New Year friend!”

“I hope this new year be as great for you as the bond we shared together. Happy New Year dear!”

“Our relationship didn’t last longer but the sincerity we had for each other can last for as log as we want. Our friendship can stay alive till we want. Happy New Year!”

“Wish you good luck for this whole new year. Happy New Year darling!”

“Hope this year bring you a lot of happiness, blessings, success and peace. Wish you a Happy New Year beloved one!”

“May your every dream come true this year and your every failure you faced in previous year turn into success this year. Happy New Year friend!”

Quotes For Ex 

Best Happy New Year Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

New Year Wishes for Ex Girlfriend is the best source for me to still make you feel special as you are on the start of this year. May this year falsify all the reasons of our separation and make our patch up possible. You are still a beautiful soul and I am still keeping a heart that immensely love and care about you, that has still no place for anyone else other than you.

“Seeing the girl that remained in your heart in someone else arms is a shit. Carry on”

“It’s really hurting when someone special leave you alone for making someone else feel special.”

“It’s not so easy to move on it’s like covering a huge distance alone.”

“When your Ex says at the time of parting “you will never find a one like me” you must say “same to you” and just move on.”

“Leaving your Ex one permanently is better than wasting your time searching in searching her.”

“Looking at your ex after separation seems like you were the blind person during that time.”

“Life never stop after a heavy relationship that make you feel wrong every moment. Getting out of such relationship is more convenient.”

“I rushed back to my ex last night and we just took a new start.”

“In a relationship you can never go forward by keeping the past in your mind.”

“Crying at your past is of no worth any more. Just look at her new boyfriend and take a long breathe of gratefulness.”

Message To Ex Girlfriend

Best Happy New Year Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

“Never try to inbox me. We are on the right ways now actually. Good luck for future”

“I wish you a very good luck but moving on is the best decision to make. It is my hope we will keep in touch. I wish your life partner be kind enough to respect and care about you.”

“Breakup is not always a best decision. However, after some time you tend to change your perspective and you want to bounce back. Same situation I am undergoing these days. Hope you feel same for me.”

“I always take a time and think deeply about the reason of our separation. And I always feel myself guilty for being so possessive about you that bring a result in form of failure of relationship. Would you like to continue after my apology? And I seriously regret my behavior.”

“I am really sorry about our relationship and the misunderstandings that took part in our separation. It is my wish to make things smooth now and want to hang with you for a lifetime. I request you to please think about it, about our love and our relationship. You will not regret it.”

“Your family is sweet just like you. They use to ask about me and my health. I love their contact. I just wish for you a good healthy life ahead.”

“However, we are no longer in a relationship but our friendship can stay alive if you want. We will never stop caring and sharing. Just keep in touch.”

“This is the last text I am sending you. I just wish you a good life too and hope you will keep the boundaries in mind ahead.”

“I know after getting your ways apart, it’s useless to contact more frequently. So, this may be my last text to your inbox. But lastly, I want to wish you a perfectly smooth and happy life.”

“After a breakup, keeping it like just a friendship is useless. You may also take it seriously and taking your way permanently apart would be the best option for you.”

“I wish you a healthy, peaceful and prosperous life ahead. Thanks for the confidence you had in me for a long time. I will be there for you whenever you need my favor.”

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