Send out notes to your coworkers as the holiday season approaches. You spend most of your time with them. Whether you work from home or in an office, it’s likely that you communicate with them daily and that you take regular breaks for meals and breaks together.

Work colleagues are the kind of people you either love or loathe, but sending messages of kindness and holiday greetings to them is the moral thing to do, regardless of how you feel about them. 

Happy Holidays Messages For Coworkers 

  • “Thanks for being the office clown! You always put a smile on our faces – now it’s time for Christmas to put a smile on yours. Happy holidays!”
  • “Merry Christmas! May your bills be small and your joy is large.”
  • “Merry Christmas! May your eggnog be filled with rum all season long – you deserve it!”
  • “You make my time at the office bearable. Merry Christmas to my favorite colleague.”
  • “I hear you want a pay raise this year – well, the only person capable of doing that is Santa! Hope you’ve been good this year (I know I haven’t). Merry Christmas!”
  • “Work hard, play hard! We’ve worked hard this year for sure… Now it’s time to celebrate! Happy holidays, teammate.”
  • “It must be hard to work in the North Pole as Santa Claus does. He doesn’t have you by his side! Have a merry Christmas, work buddy.”
Happy Holidays Messages For Coworkers 
  • “I’d get you a fancy present, but you’ve seen my paycheck! Here’s to more laughs and shenanigans in our office.”
  • “You are the reason I got through this season! Never stop being the amazing person you are.”
  • “You’re the reason I get through the season. Happy holidays work chum! Keep calm and merry on! Here’s to a brilliant Christmas season.”
  • “You’re lucky no reports are needed for the holiday season! Hope it’s magical. Don’t waste all your money on celebrations! Have a fantastic holiday season, colleague.”
  • “Christmas is merrier when you’ve got friends to tell jokes to. Thanks for being the person who never fails to make me laugh!”
  • “Don’t waste your holiday working. Make the most of the holidays! Can’t wait to work alongside you in the new year.”
  • “May the calories you consume magically disappear this Christmas! See you next year for another round of fun at work.”
  • “Coworkers like you make work so much easier and the workplace so much friendlier.”

Cheerful Holiday Messages To Colleagues

Cheerful Holiday Messages To Colleagues
  • “Workdays are made more enjoyable by having coworkers like you. Enjoy your holiday season!”
  • “A happy holiday to you! Having the opportunity to work with you this year has been a pleasure.”
  • “It is a pleasure to share the workplace with someone as unique and helpful as you. Have a wonderful holiday. I pray that God always blesses you.”
  • “I appreciate everything you have done for me! Best wishes for a beautiful holiday season to you and your family.”
  • “It is a blessing to work with gems like you all. I wish you all a happy holiday season filled with beauty and hard work.”
  • “The workplace is more friendly and comfortable due to colleagues like you. Being your colleague is an honor for me. Happy holidays to all of you!”
  • “Having coworkers like you makes work much more accessible and the workplace much more enjoyable. Enjoy your family, friends, and much love during the holidays!”
  • “I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season. This holiday season will be so difficult without you. Best wishes for the New Year 2023 and the Christmas season!”
  • “I wish you a joyous and loving holiday season. Have a marvelous time this holiday season with your friends and family! Greetings from my heart!”
  • “Teammate, may your holiday season be filled with joy and happiness! We hope to work together again next year.”
  • “Despite not getting along with everyone, I enjoy working with you. Have a great holiday!”
Cheerful Holiday Messages To Colleagues
  • “Having the opportunity to work with you has been a great learning experience for me. Greetings and best wishes for the holidays!”
  • “Wishing you, your beloved family, and your coworker a warm and cozy holiday. Wishing you a joyous and safe new year.”
  • “I wish you and your family a most memorable and precious holiday season. Happy celebrations during your holidays!”
  • “The waves of happiness will sweep you away this holiday season! I wish you a great holiday season filled with fun and joy.”
  • “I wish all of you out there at work a happy holiday season. I want to give you the most beautiful and memorable holidays this year.”
  • “It makes all the difference to have a team you love. I wish you all a happy holiday season!”
  • “I wish all my colleagues a happy holiday season. I want you and your families on this particular day, wishing you a wonderful time with family and friends, lots of love, and gifts.”
  • “I have gained life-changing experiences as a member of this team. I appreciate your help and wish you a happy holiday season!”
  • “My sincere thanks go out for everything you have done this year. Enjoy this holiday season by taking a break!”
Cheerful Holiday Messages To Colleagues
  • “Having the chance to work with someone who knows so much and remains humble is a great experience. Best wishes for the holidays!”
  • “I am grateful for the great times we had together. We wish you a healthy and happy holiday season!”
  • “It is my sincere wish for you and your family a wonderful holiday season. I look forward to seeing you after the holiday.”
  • “I wish you more success, joy, and happiness during these holidays. Have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful new year.”
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