We first met Dean Barton’s mother, Mary Quinn, in Unforgotten season 4 episode 5, but who exactly is the woman portraying her?

Unforgotten has welcomed numerous actors into its cast over the span of its four series.

The ITV series has continued in that vein in season 4, with some recognizable faces making an appearance. The same is true of episode 5.

We first met Dean Barton’s mother, Mary Quinn, in the penultimate Unforgotten season 4 episode, but who exactly is the woman portraying her?

ITV’s Unforgotten Season 4

Who Plays Dean Barton’s Mum in Unforgotten?

Unforgotten, which was last seen on television two and a half years ago, will premiere season 4 on ITV on February 22nd, 2021.

In the latest installment, Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan’s stories are continued as a gruesome discovery—a decapitated and handleless body—is uncovered in a North London scrapyard.

Matthew Walsh, a guy who vanished 30 years ago, is identified by his body. It is left to Sunny and Cassie—the latter of whom had wanted to retire—to identify and narrow down a list of candidates when pathologist Leanne Balcombe verifies that the corpse had been kept frozen for a significant amount of that period.

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The Mother of Dean Barton in Unforgotten Season 4

Episode 5 of Unforgotten season 4 introduces Mary Quinn, the mother of Dean Barton.

In order to learn more about Dean’s family and the acrimonious connection he had with his father, Cassie and Sunny pay her a visit.

Mary tells us that Dean had not been home for 30 years because he had been shunned by his family and friends when he began his training to be a police officer.

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In Unforgotten, Who Plays Mary Quinn?

Who Plays Dean Barton’s Mum in Unforgotten?

In season four of Forgotten, Kate Williams plays Mary Quinn.
In 1967, Kate Williams, who will age 80 in February 2021, made her acting debut in an ITV Love Story episode.

IMDb reports that Kate has since taken on over 80 acting jobs, with Love Thy Neighbor, May to December, Family Affairs, Birds of a Feather, and EastEnders—where she played Liz Turner from 2006 to 2010—being some of the most notable.

The last episode of Unforgotten season 4 breaths of air on ITV on Monday, March 29.

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