Blu Jasmine has already been on No Jumper, but last night she became popular after the most recent episode of the podcast. Sharp and Adam John Grandmaison, nicknamed Adam22, co-host the podcast, which was resurrected in 2015.

No Jumper has amassed a devoted following of 3.96 million subscribers on YouTube and concentrates on conducting interviews with underground rap artists. The most recent episode featured Blu Jasmine, who gained notoriety after sparring with Sharp on the show.

Blu Jasmine: Who Is She?

Who is Blu Jasmine from Podcast No Jumper?

Instagram user Blu Jasmine bills herself as a motivational speaker. Her name has been on No Jumper a few times, and she has spoken with Adam22 before regarding her personal life and relationship philosophies.

Blu’s name has gone popular since she featured in the most recent episode of the podcast, but she was already well-known earlier this summer after making accusations against the rapper Future.

At the time, the rapper dismissed the allegations and asserted that he was unaware of the Instagram model.

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Reactions from Fans to The Podcast Episode

Who is Blu Jasmine from Podcast No Jumper?

Blu has gained popularity on social media as a result of her irrational fight with Sharp on the most recent episode of the podcast.

On Monday’s program (October 18), Blu made an appearance and sparred with Sharp over her life choices, attitudes toward men, and romantic relationships.

There were many dramatic scenes in the show, including one when Blu admitted that she “sees men as a business.” One user commented on Twitter that “The Sharp/Blu Jasmine dialogue was beautiful lunacy.”

A different commenter said: “I can’t believe I watched that entire podcast with Sharp and Blu Jasmine shouting at each other for an hour.” Who was correct or incorrect in this… Another Instagram user wrote, “I think Adam got more entertainment out of this.

The most recent episode is accessible on YouTube.

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Blu Is It on Instagram?

Blu is on Instagram, but as of this writing, her account is set to private. She only has 12 posts, but she has 13.9k followers.

Blu is shown with beauty expert Natasha in the Instagram photo below, in which she has been tagged.

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