After admitting that she “shares” her marriage with her mother and sister, TikTok user Madi Brooks sparked controversy. The social media site has gained popularity for its viral videos, challenges, trends, and filters, and has seen the emergence of several TikTok stars.

But after discovering Madi Brooks’ TikToker account and learning shocking information about her personal life and marriage, some users were outraged.

Then Who Is She?

According to Madi Brooks, She “Shares” Her Husband with Her Mother and Sister

Madi, a TikTok user, gained popularity for her videos after admitting that she allows her husband to have sex with both her mother and sister.

The following is what Madi says in one of her videos: “I and my mum are both swingers and it’s amazing, you know why? I can just let my spouse have her when I’m not in the mood.

Yes, I am that type of wife. A few times every week, I give my spouse access to her. TikTok, who claims to be a teacher, resides in the US with her spouse.

At the time of writing, 8.1 million people had watched the video, and Madi had garnered over 110k site followers.

It’s reasonable to say that many social media users are perplexed about her family life despite the fact that some of her other clips feature some of her swinging pals.

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Responders to The Video

Who Is TikToker Madi Brooks?

After viewing Madi’s TikTok videos, many people were startled and perplexed.

One user said, “I’m done with TikTok for the year.”

Someone else replied, “I made a wrong turn someplace,” while someone else added, “Even if this is a joke, this is still so messed up.”

Someone other meanwhile questioned: “How did that conversation ever begin?”

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How Do You “Swing”?

Couples or individuals who choose to be in an open relationship and permit their partners to have extramarital affairs are known as swingers.

The concept of polyamorous partnerships is important to the culture.

Reality television programs like TLC’s Sister Wives, which debuted in 2010, highlight these kinds of relationships.

The polygamist family of the Browns, including father Kody Brown, his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, and their 18 children, are the subject of the television program.

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