The chemical test from Dr. Doe has taken over TikTok. In the strange challenge, participants respond to test questions as an anthropomorphic deer serves as the teacher.

One of the bizarre phenomena that have emerged as a result of social media is people’s infatuation with pornographic quizzes.

Even if some of the quiz’s content isn’t suitable for TikTok, it nevertheless managed to spread to enough people’s profiles to become viral and become a trending issue.

What Is Dr. Doe’s Chemistry Quiz?

The quiz consists of an anthropomorphic deer who appears to be a teacher and poses 10 questions for the user to respond to. They are all chemistry-related and typically include questions about fundamental scientific concepts and element names.

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The peculiar aspect of the test is that the anthropomorphic deer will shed one of its clothes for each right response from a user.


We think you know what will happen if you get all the questions right. With the aid of TikTok, the test, which first became popular a few years ago, has now returned to social media.

How to Report Videos on Tiktok

While some of the quiz’s content is not suitable for children, it is difficult to filter out videos on TikTok, thus these snippets have been making their way into the feeds of many users. TikTok members range in age, therefore we ask that you report any videos that are not appropriate for your children.

Please adhere to the instructions listed below if you want to report a video on the platform:

  • On the right side of the video, select the arrow.
  • Select “report” from the list’s bottom selection.
  • Choose “adult nudity” from the menu that opens.
  • Select “Submit”

Other Quizzes to Try

If you want to try something new, the “what human feeling am I” and “what’s my mental age” tests have lately gone viral on TikTok. Both of these are safe and assert to give you a response that is accurate to your personality.

You will be given 10 questions in the “What Human Emotion Am I?” quiz and depending on your responses, it will determine which emotion most resonates with you. You can take the test here if you want to.


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However, the mental age exam can be used to determine your mental age. You can take it here if you want to.

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