With its unique blend of comedy and the harsh reality of working in the NHS, This Is Going To Hurt has quickly become a fan favorite on BBC One and iPlayer.

The show is based on Adam Kay’s diaries and follows a fictionalized version of him as he deals with the stresses of working long hours and facing terrible life-or-death decisions in a split second.

What happens to new patient Shruti Acharya and is she based on a real person in This Is Going to Hurt, in addition to Adam’s story?

What Happened to Shruti in This Is Going to Hurt?

What Happened To  Shruti in Is "THIS IS  GOING TO HURT"

In the BBC show’s sixth episode, Shruti Acharya took her own life, leaving viewers devastated.

As she and Adam depart the hospital after yet another long shift, Shruti apologizes to the camera, saying, “I’m sorry, I tried.”

Though it is never stated outright in episode 6, Adam’s, the hospital staff’s, and Shruti’s parents’ emotions are sufficient to verify what has occurred: Shruti has committed suicide.

The seventh episode picks up the story two months later, with business as usual for the medical staff.

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Is This Is Going to Hurt a True Story?

The 2017 best-seller This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay served as inspiration for the film This Is Going to Hurt.

The series is set in 2006 because Adam Kay was a junior doctor in the NHS between 2004 and 2010, and he used his diaries from that time for research.

As a result, many of the plots in the gynecology and obstetrics ward are based on his actual experiences working under intense pressure in a hospital setting.

Adam explained the impetus for writing his book, saying: “Because I wanted the public to know the truth about being a doctor, I decided to publish my diaries.

“The constant onslaught of bodily fluids, making less than the hospital parking meter, and the difficulty of maintaining friendships and relationships while working 97-hour weeks all caught individuals off guard, I believe.

“If I had known any of this when I initially applied to medical school, I might have chosen a different career path.”

The show’s creators, Lucy Forbes and Tom Kingsley brought in a team of medical consultants to help bring the plot to life, and some of the supporting cast members were actual members of the medical community.

According to a prior interview with The Times, Lucy said: “The fact that it passed the “realness test” was crucial. Both the doctors and the women go through this, so you know what I’m talking about. No more “Oh no, don’t look at that, it’s a bit messy,” and no more closing the door.”

Ben, the actor, also underwent extensive training with actual doctors using Zoom.

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Is Shruti real in This Is Going To Hurt?

Shruti, Adam’s coworker, is not a real person but rather a fictional creation for the television show.

Shruti is played by Ambika Mod, who has stated that she strove to make the role feel as “genuine and real” as possible.

She told the Chester Standard, “She’s so complex, she’s so brilliantly written, she exists in and of her own right, and she has an amazing story.”

“That’s not how young south Asian ladies are depicted in literature.

Since many of the characters you see during auditions tend to follow the same formula, I found it interesting to portray Shruti and I also believe she plays an important role in the story.

What she stands for as a representative of her age, gender, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status all make her a particularly potent symbol of the working class.

However, she is only one person, and she cannot speak for everyone who falls under those categories.

I just tried to give her a genuine and interesting adventure.

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