On February 21, 2021, BBC One debuted Bloodlands, a police procedural set in Northern Ireland. Chris Brandon conceived the idea, and HTM Television, a collaboration between Jed Mercurio and Hat Trick Productions, took it from concept to screen.

Filming for Season 2 will begin in February 2022, after being renewed for a second season on March 14, 2021.

Strangford Lough, located in eastern Northern Ireland, served as the filming location for the majority of Bloodlands’ exterior scenes.

When It Will Be Out, Who Will Be in It, and The Synopsis

When Bloodlands premiered in 2021, it was an instant hit with an astounding 8.2 million viewers. Now in its second gripping season, the thriller once again takes place in Northern Ireland.

The first season of Bloodlands, starring James Nesbitt as the troubled DCI Tom Brannick, captivated viewers last year with a convoluted cat-and-mouse game that left Brannick apparently more eager than ever to seek justice for Goliath’s previous misdeeds.

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bloodlands season 2

The plot took a shocking turn, though, and the crime drama is returning for a second season

In the meantime, here’s what we know about season 2 of Bloodlands…

Bloodlands Series 2 Release Date

After a year hiatus, Jed Mercurio’s (Line of Duty) Bloodlands will return to BBC One and BBC iPlayer this September with six new episodes.

Who’s in Season 2 of Bloodlands?

James Nesbitt is back as the troubled detective DCI Tom Brannick. Chris Walley (The Young Offenders, 1917) as DC ‘Birdy’ Bird, Lola Petticrew (Tuesday, Dating Amber) as Brannick’s daughter Izzy, and Lorcan Cranitch (The Last Kingdom, The Dig) as DCS Niamh McGovern all return for the second season.

Bloodlands: Are There Any New Stars Joining for Season 2?

Actually, there are. New to the cast is Victoria Smurfit (Marcella, Once Upon a Time), who will play Olivia Foyle, the mysterious widow at the center of Brannick’s latest investigation.

Bloodlands Series 2: What’s the Story so Far?

bloodlands season 2

Spoilers for the first season ahead!

During the first episode of the first season, DCI Tom Brannick (Nesbitt) is dispatched to the scene of an automobile salvaged from Strangford Lough.

Brannick tells senior officer Jackie Twomey (Fortitude’s Lorcan Cranitch) that he believes the notorious serial killer, dubbed Goliath, has resurfaced when a postcard featuring a photograph of Belfast’s iconic Samson and Goliath cranes is discovered placed in the wing mirror.

Finally, it’s revealed that Brannick’s own wife, Emma, was one of Goliath’s victims…

After that, Brannick seemed more motivated than ever to get even with Goliath for all he had done wrong, and the two engaged in a bizarre game of cat and mouse. However, the story took a dramatic turn when it was revealed that Brannick was, in fact, Goliath in the series finale.

Bloodlands Series 2: Where Do We Pick up The Story?

DCI Tom Brannick (Nesbitt) and the accountant’s widow, Olivia Foyle (Victoria Smurfit), must hold each other near as the murder of a crooked accountant reveals a trail of greed that threatens to expose his identity as the renowned assassin, Goliath.

Brannick and Olivia enlist the help of his colleagues DS Niamh McGovern, DCS Jackie Twomey, and DC ‘Birdy’ Bird, as well as Brannick’s daughter Izzy, as they try to solve the mystery her husband left behind and the mystery of themselves, until deceit and betrayal force Brannick to question how far he is willing to go to protect his legacy.

Is There a Trailer for Bloodlands Season 2?

The time is not right for that just now. If you need a refresher on the story up to this point, though, you can check out the season one trailer down below.

See First Look at Return of James Nesbitt Drama

With the return of James Nesbitt, Bloodlands is back for a second season, and the BBC has released a first look at the next six-part drama.

James will be returning to his role as DCI Tom Brannick, and he will be joined by Charlene McKenna (Peaky Blinders), Lorcan Cranitch (1917), and Chris Walley (1917).

So, what can we anticipate from this year’s run? The official plot summary goes as follows: “DCI Tom Brannick and the widow of the accountant, Olivia Foyle, must keep each other perilously near when the murder of a crooked accountant unravels a path of greed that threatens to expose his identity as the famed assassin, Goliath.

It says here that “Tom and Olivia draw in Tom’s fellow officers DS Niamh McGovern, DCS Jackie Twomey, and DC ‘Birdy’ Bird, as well as Tom’s daughter, Izzy, as they try to solve the riddle her husband left behind, and as they become more and more immersed in the puzzle of each other, until deceit and betrayal force Tom to question just what lengths he will go to, to keep his legacy intact.” Please include us in this!

When it premieres in September 2022, you can watch it on Acorn TV in the United States.

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James has expressed interest in returning to the role, saying, “I’m happy that audiences responded to Bloodlands so warmly and that we will be returning for a second series.” It’s always a pleasure to return to Tom Brannick’s native Northern Ireland and share some new details about him.

bloodlands season 2

Spoilers for those who haven’t seen Season 1 yet: the detective hid the murders from the public for 20 years because the real killer, David Corry, blackmailed him into keeping quiet by threatening to hurt his wife. This left viewers wondering what would happen in Season 2.

Twitter user: “I noticed there was a series two and thought, he can’t be guilty AND get a second season?” #Bloodlands.” Time will tell!

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