Spy x Family episode 15 (Part 2 ep. 3) “A New Family Member” has a confirmed global streaming release date and hour.

Another wholesome episode of Anya, Loid, and Yor is needed to cheer up Crunchyroll’s anime audience after this week’s cruel and downright awful Chainsaw Man.

With the last few episodes focusing on the terrorist plot to blow up several delegates using bomb-strapped war dogs, the CloverWorks x Wit Studio series has happily picked up right where part 1 left off in the spring.

Anya must now deal with a much more deadly menace after saving the day the previous week.

Yor was upset and furious. Fortunately, the following Forger misadventure is only around the corner, but when will Spy x Family episode 15 be available on Crunchyroll?

Spy X Family Episode 15 Release Date and Time for Streaming

Bond and Anya Spy X Family 1140x641 1

On Saturday, October 15th, Spy x Family episode 15 (part 2 episode 3) is expected to air.

Spy x Family episode 15 is scheduled to air at the following worldwide times, according to Crunchyroll:

Pacific Time – 8:30 AM

Eastern Time – 11:30 AM

British Time – 4:30 PM

European Time – 5:30 PM

India Time – 9 PM

Philippine Time – 11:30 PM

Australia Central Daylight Time – 2 AM

The scene changes to Yor furiously searching the area and Anya, who is riding the dog through an alleyway, before Loid, who is depicted in the preview as being depressed, is seen speaking to the two agents who have obviously been involved in a fight.

Yor, who is standing between Loid and Yor when Anya appears from the alleyway on the dog, is visibly ashamed of having lost Anya not once, not twice, and not even three times in one day.

Loid pats the deity on the head, and then Yor is seen performing a backflip while flying through the air. The preview closes with a shadow of a man standing in a gloomy alleyway, his white eyes glistening through the haze.

In North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and the CIS, Spy x Family may be seen online via Crunchyroll.

A Quick Recap of Episode 14 “Disarm the Time Bomb”

The opening scene of Spy x Family episode 14 had Yor defending Anya from the terrorist gang leader; his highly trained war dog fled in horror at her terrifying visage.

Anya then notices the cute white-furred dog is once more gazing into the future and sees a scenario in which Loid perishes in an explosion near a clock tower. Without telling Yor about her own or the dogs’ abilities, she realizes she must act to save Loid. She jumps back on him and flees through the alleys.

spy x family anime episode 14 poster

While four apprehended terrorists are being questioned, Loid is watching. Although it isn’t explicitly stated, it is implied that Handler, Loid’s supervisor, kills each of the students after a fairly gloomy discourse.

Anya arrives at the clocktower, asks an elderly man what time it is, and then notices the terrorist leader and the war dog leaving an abandoned building after realizing she only has 30 minutes left (though she doesn’t know how long this really is).

When she enters the building, she discovers a bomb on the other side of an apartment door. She decides to avoid attempting a do-it-yourself bomb defusal out of frustration and fear and instead scrawls “NO” in ketchup on the flat door.

When Loid and the agents finally get to the flat, they decide to check it out right away despite the fact that they do find the message to be strange.

It is up to Anya to hope that Loid recognizes the trap before the bomb goes off.

Fortunately, four o’clock passes without incident; Loid notes the message, uses a mirror to inspect the door, and discovers the device, but is now anxious about who could have left them such a warning.

The envoy is subsequently compelled to offer his garments to Loid at the hotel room where they are both staying. He then guides the terrorist leader out of the hotel while pretending to be the politician; the scent on his clothes is enough for the war dog to find him.

A construction site is where Loid eventually makes his way out, where the war dog is released loose. Following a brief pursuit, Loid is compelled to remove the delegate’s mask and draw his handgun on the war dog as it lunges in his direction. Loid says, “I’m very sorry, I’m sure the last thing you wanted was to get pulled into some ridiculous war amongst humans,” as the program comes to a close.

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