Since the publication of The Secret of the Old Clock in 1930, Nancy Drew has become one of the nation’s most beloved fictional heroines. Since then, the tale has been adapted into numerous forms of media, including TV shows and video games. The fourth season of the most recent show, which debuted on The CW in 2019, will soon be available.

Nancy Drew is not alone; she is supported by a gang of dependable companions. Sadly, Ace is cursed by Temperance (formerly portrayed by Olivia Taylor Dudley) in the Season 3 finale and is unable to have a love relationship with Nancy.

Nancy will have a number of mysteries to solve in the upcoming season, but she will have both professional and personal assistance. Here is everything we know about Nancy Drew’s fourth and last season.

When and Where Is Nancy Drew Season 4 Premiering?

Nancy Drew Season 4 Release Date

The fourth season of Nancy Drew has already finished filming, but we haven’t yet received a release date. The CW will air the Nancy Drew Season 4 opener on Wednesday, May 31, at 8 p.m. ET, which is a relief. “The Dilemma of the Lover’s Curse” is the name of the first episode.

The CW app and channel, which is targeted largely at American viewers, is the only place to watch Nancy Drew for free when it first airs. In addition to being available on Max, the program will also be sold through applications like Vudu, Apple TV, and Prime Video. The ideal course of action for spectators worldwide would be to go to Max as soon as the show premieres. Feel free to catch up on Nancy Drew Seasons 1-3 in the interim; they are all available for streaming on Max.

Is There a Trailer for Nancy Drew Season 4?

nancy drew season 4 release date

There is, indeed! You can view the Nancy Drew Season 4 trailer in the player above. It was released on May 16. In the roughly 30-second preview, “ghosts, demons, and spiders” are promised, along with the possibility of additional threats to Nancy and her pals before the story’s conclusion.

Who Are the Cast and Crew of Nancy Drew Season 4?

This season of Nancy Drew has a sizable number of returning characters. Scott Wolf plays Carson Drew, Leah Lewis plays George Fan, Maddison Jaizani plays Bess Marvin, Tunji Kasim plays Ned “Nick” Nickerson, Alex Saxon plays Ace, Riley Smith plays Ryan Hudson, and Kennedy McMann plays Nancy Drew.

All of those characters have appeared in all 49 of the show’s episodes, which have been shown so far. There will also be a couple more fresher faces. These stars include Carmen Moore as Hannah Gruen, John Harlan Kim as Agent Park, Ariah Lee as Ted Fan, Geraldine Chiu as Jesse Fan, and Jenaya Ross as Copperhead.

There aren’t many specifics available about any of the newcomer characters overall, but it appears that many familiar ones are returning for this last season.

Noga Landau is still working as a writer and creator. Both Katie Schwartz and Melissa Marlette will continue to serve as story editors, with Schwartz now holding the position of executive story editor. Furthermore, details regarding the other potential authors or editors who have worked on Nancy Drew in the past—or whether any of them would return for the book’s last run—have not been made public.

What Do We Know About the Nancy Drew Season 4 Plot?

McMann used the future of the Drew Crew to summarize the forthcoming season. She said the following:

“The season is largely about maturing into adults and each member of [The Drew Crew’s] individual journeys in that regard. They are all beginning their official adult lives in many respects, including their careers. If they previously resided in their parent’s home, they have left it. Nancy has started her own detective agency.

What Do We Know About the Nancy Drew Season 4 Plot?

George is a law student. Bess has been named the Historical Society’s new Keeper. With Nick and George no longer together, Nick is sort of finding out where he is with everything. At the mortuary, Ace recently started working.

There have sort of been all these branches that have occurred. Additionally, there is the season’s central mystery, which begins in the first episode and naturally links them all. Throughout the season, they will all be cooperating to discover this secret.

Executive producers Landau and Melinda Hsu also discussed the new season with Entertainment Weekly. The destiny of Ace and Nancy after the curse was cast was one of the main plot themes on which the creators concentrated. Ace would undoubtedly ask Nancy why she left his flat in such a rash manner when the episode resumes, they assured.

If and when season 4 debuts, his inquiry to her, “Are you in trouble?” will be on his mind. “Why did Nancy leave my apartment just as I believed she was going to kiss me? I need to find out what’s going on since I bet she’s in trouble.

This romance has been building for the past three seasons, as viewers of the show are aware. The creators also discussed this relationship and stated, “It’s only intensifying even more, for sure. For me, this program is constantly about the simmering love and longing, primarily for Nancy and now for Nancy and Ace together, but also for many other characters.

This otherworldly challenge will undoubtedly dominate the future season. Despite this, there are rampant whispers that another force will step in before Nancy can rejoin Ace. We are left to speculate for the time being, but hopefully, we will get a sneak glimpse soon. Here is the season’s official plot summary:

Nancy (Kennedy McMann) starts a new inquiry to identify a number of missing graves from Horseshoe Bay’s cemetery that have either been dug up and taken, or potentially have risen, as Season Four opens. The Drew Crew believes that the physical sins of the town’s past have come back to haunt the living as Nancy is dragged into this eerie investigation by a series of mysterious paranormal crimes.

Nancy, meanwhile, battles her longing for Ace (Alex Saxon), the man she adores. However, Nancy must choose if her slow-burning attraction to the son of Ryan Hudson’s (Riley Smith) newest foe is worth the wrath of her father and Ace, whose own heart might be tempted by a new connection as well.

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Unfortunately, it appears that as the Drew Crew gets older, our time as viewers is coming to an end. Although Nancy Drew made it through The CW’s wave of layoffs and received a fourth season, it won’t continue past that point. Tom Swift, a spin-off series, received the go-light but was canceled after just five episodes.

Some reports claim that CBS Studios are eager to locate the series a new home if there is enough demand, although it doesn’t seem very likely given the initial series’ low ratings and viewership.

However, the Drew Crew is already planning another paranormal assault on their city. The Crew is currently dispersed throughout all spheres of life, from the mortuary to practicing law. If they all want a happy ever after, they will need to band together and battle multiple curses.

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