Linus Sebastian also known as Linus Tech Tips is a very famous and respected figure in the field of technology and innovation. He is a very famous Youtuber and talks a lot about technology and different gadgets, in short, we can say that he is a true tech geek. He has a huge following and his videos are perfect for all those who want to know about the new gadgets, how they work, and whether they are worth the price, etc.

linus sebastian net worth

Linus was born on August 20, 1986, in British Columbia, Canada, and was always interested in tech-related kinds of stuff. As he grew, Linus aligned his interest and started his YouTuBe channel, Linus Tech Tip, which attracted millions of subscribers within no time and crossed excellent views worldwide.

Linus created the channel in 2008 and it has almost been 10 plus years and it garnered immense popularity over all these years. The channel focus on creating videos on product reviews, tech tutorials, unboxing, and talking about computer software, hardware, how to start gaming, and other tech-related stuff. His channel has an amazing reach and people really enjoy watching his videos as they are very informative and an easy guide to understand any tech stuff.

Linus Sebastian’s Net Worth

Linus Sebastian is a known name in the tech world and has made a very respected image of himself through his hard work and love for his talent. He has millions of followers on his Youtube Channel, Linus Tech Tips, and is also the CEO of the company, Linus Media Group. The team works really hard on making the best quality content and all his videos are very informative from the start till the end.

All this has helped him earn a good amount of money and he really works hard on making the best quality content for his huge audience. Talking about his net worth and earnings, it is estimated that Linus Sebastian has a net worth of around $85 million as of 2023. This net worth is an indication of Linu Sebastian’s day and night hard work ad determination.

linus sebastian net worth

Linus Sebastian: Linus Media Group’s CEO

Linus has not just limited himself to his Youtube channel but has also made his entry into different tech communities. He has started a different channel with the name “TechLinked”, which provides the daily necessary tech news and updates. Lunus also do a weekly live stream in the form of a podcast where he discusses the recent updates in the tech industry and interacts with the audience through live chat.

Linus Sebastian is the CEO and founder of Linus Media Group, a media production company that works on various brands and products. It is a team of tech geeks and experts who create interesting content for Linus Tech Tips and other channels associated with Linus. He has mentored the company in the most professional way and it has grown a lot over the years which is quite visible from the content of the videos.

linus sebastian career


Linus Sebastian, through his YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, has become a significant figure in the tech community. With his entertaining videos, honest reviews, and knack for explaining complex concepts, he has captivated millions of viewers worldwide.

Linus’s impact extends beyond his online presence, as he has also established a successful media production company. As a tech influencer and entrepreneur, Linus continues to inspire and educate others while maintaining a strong connection with his audience.

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