In the realm of historical dramas, Sky’s Mary & George emerges as a captivating exploration of the Villiers family’s improbable ascent to power in 17th-century England. Starring the illustrious Julianne Moore and the talented Nicholas Galitzine, the series intricately weaves history with drama, delivering a semi-educational and thoroughly entertaining experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Unveiling a Lesser-Known Chapter

Inspired by Benjamin Woolley’s non-fiction book, “The King’s Assassin,” Mary & George sheds light on a lesser-known chapter of British LGBTQ+ and royal history.

Mary and George Review

The seven-part series skillfully combines historical facts with dramatic license, presenting a refreshing take on the Villiers family’s extraordinary journey to prominence during a tumultuous era.

Julianne Moore’s Chilling Performance:

Julianne Moore, a seasoned and multi-award-winning actress, brings her formidable talent to the screen as Mary Villiers.

Mary and George Review

Moore’s portrayal of the no-nonsense matriarch is nothing short of chilling. Her character, Mary, is cold and enigmatic, adding layers of complexity to the series. In a departure from her usual roles, Moore delivers quick-wit and dry humor with the precision of a marksman, making Mary a truly compelling enigma.

Electric Chemistry and Fraught Relationships

The undeniable chemistry between Moore and Galitzine serves as the pulsating heartbeat of Mary & George. The fraught relationship between Mary and her son, George, played by Nicholas Galitzine, introduces a general sense of unease, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The unconventional dynamics between this mother-son duo unfold dramatically, beginning with a startling contemplation by Mary about leaving her newborn son to rot on the floor.

Mary and George Review

Set against the rich backdrop of the Jacobean era, Mary & George delves into Mary’s relentless ambition to elevate her son’s status. Encouraging George to seduce King James VI of Scotland and I of England, portrayed by Tony Curran, Mary’s audacious plans put a strain on their already rocky familial bond. The series gracefully navigates through intricate Jacobean gowns, fencing lessons, and George’s journey of self-discovery, shaping him into a character of depth and complexity.

Mary & George boldly embraces a sex-positive approach, effortlessly normalizing diverse sexual experiences without delving into the expected homophobia or prejudice often associated with marginalized stories. The series prioritizes anachronistic ideas of honor over societal norms, with George’s French mentor reminding him that “bodies are just bodies.”

A Few Surprises and Pacing

True to the nature of psychological dramas, Mary & George introduces unexpected twists in its initial episodes, setting the stage for an engaging narrative.

Mary and George Review

While the pacing may feel slightly sluggish at times, the third episode serves as a pivotal turning point, propelling the drama into a higher gear. The series maintains its binge-worthy allure, akin to a captivating novel that leaves audiences eagerly anticipating the unfolding chaos.


Mary & George stands as a testament to the prowess of historical drama when coupled with stellar performances and a unique narrative perspective. Moore and Galitzine’s captivating portrayal of a mother-son duo navigating ambition, power, and self-discovery elevates the series into a must-watch.

As the Villiers family’s saga unfolds, viewers are treated to a refreshingly sex-positive lens on historical events, making Mary & George a captivating addition to the genre. Prepare to be both obsessed and fearful of the Villiers in this thrilling journey through 17th-century England.

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