Filmmaker Martin Scorsese claims that after watching the X prequel movie, he was so disturbed that he had problems going asleep in his Pearl review.

After viewing Pearl, Martin Scorsese claims he was so terrified that he had difficulties going asleep. Pearl, which debuted this past weekend in theatres, is a prequel to X, which debuted in theatres earlier this year.

In the 1970s, a gang of aspiring filmmakers called X attempted to make an adult film in a Texas farmhouse owned by Pearl, an elderly woman, and Howard, her husband. The new movie Pearl, aptly titled An X-traordinary Origin Story, introduces the titular villain in 1918 Pearl takes care of her dying father while being watched over by her controlling mother and harbors dreams of being a movie star.

Mia Goth returns to the prequel as a teenage version of the eponymous character, with David Corenswet, Tandi Wright, Matthew Sunderland, and Emma Jenkins-Purro filling out the supporting cast after playing an elderly Pearl in X (as well as the final female Maxine).

Pearl, which Ti West and Goth co-wrote, will be directed by West once more. Pearl, which was secretly shot back-to-back with the previous film, had its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival to acclaim for West’s directing and Goth’s performance.

After being widely released on September 16, Pearl has now earned a positive assessment from renowned director Martin Scorsese.

According to Scorsese’s Pearl review, which was published by Slash Film, the horror movie is “wild, hypnotic, and genuinely frightening.” In fact, the filmmaker found Pearl to be so unsettling that he had problems drifting off to sleep after seeing it.

Martin Scorsese Thrilled After Watching Pearl by A24: TROUBLE FALLING ASLEEP!

The predecessor to X was “produced in a completely opposing cinematic mode (think 50s Scope color melodramas),” Scorsese said earlier in his analysis of Pearl.

It’s not surprising that Scorsese, a devoted cinephile, was impressed by West’s ability to produce a film that differed greatly from X in terms of its technicolor cinematography and longer takes. Scorsese was probably also taken aback by Pearl’s tributes to great Hollywood movies, especially The Wizard of Oz.

In terms of Pearl’s shock factor, Scorsese wasn’t the only one having trouble sleeping after watching some of the most graphic images, including the end credits scene, decapitation, and alligator feeding.

But given that Scorsese is hardly a mild-mannered filmmaker and has helmed some horrifyingly violent movies like Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Casino, or the less well-known Age of Innocence, this is all the more startling.

It is obvious that West’s leadership and technological know-how were able to accomplish something truly unique. Despite all the glowing reviews, perhaps the fact that Pearl caused the legendary Martin Scorsese to have sleepless nights speaks much about its quality as a horror film.

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