A 2021 episode of Married at First Sight had Clara Berghaus as a contestant. This season took place in Atlanta.

She was previously married to Ryan Oubre but they are now legally separated. Season 15 of Married at First Sight aired on Lifetime on July 6 and follows five couples in San Diego as they adjust to married life.

Here, Berghaus offers PEOPLE her thoughts on the show from Wednesday night, including which couples she is “most confidence in” and which she believes are doomed.

This week’s episode focused on the newlyweds’ last few days of honeymooning and how they are getting ready to return to “real life” in San Diego.

While the men went on a tequila tasting (envy! ), the women enjoyed a brunch that looked delicious.

Couples then went on their final romantic excursions together before ending the trip with a group dinner for all couples.

As our couples face their first major challenges together, they are beginning to realize that life is not always a bed of roses.

Krysten & Mitch

"Married at First Sight" Recap: Clara Berghaus Debates Long-Term Couples

It appears that our inconsiderate environmentalist Mitch managed to save a sliver of his marriage this week. Krysten’s depth of sympathy, wisdom, and self-knowledge astounds me.

At the outset of this scene, she told the other ladies that Mitch was not interested in dating her.

The fact that she was still urging everyone to remain on “Team Mitch” impressed me since it was so altruistic of her. Krysten is showing incredible dedication to the process by supporting her man through this difficult time.

Both of them are looking forward to going back to “real life” in San Diego, and Mitch has promised to make it a priority to schedule quality a couple of times each day.

He urged Krysten to be understanding as he sorts out his emotions, but he also wanted her to keep him in check.

Krysten found great joy in the fact that the pair had taken their physical relationship a step further by cuddling.

But if Krysten keeps putting Mitch’s wants ahead of her own, I fear she may become completely unfulfilled in their marriage.

On the other hand, I admire how she is asserting her agency and sharing what she wants openly as things develop.

After a rocky start to their honeymoon, this pair seemed to calm down, and I’m holding out hope that moving in together will strengthen Mitch’s feelings for Krysten.

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Morgan & Binh

"Married at First Sight" Recap: Clara Berghaus Debates Long-Term Couples

I don’t even know where to begin with these two. After their delayed wedding, the pair was able to spend some quality time together getting to know each other, but Binh’s worries got the better of him.

It seems that Binh had high hopes for what he and his family would gain from their union, and he is now worried about Morgan’s ability to support herself and her troubled family life.

Morgan told Binh, who she had previously shielded from knowing, that she is one credit away from getting her Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Binh decided to talk to Justin about this instead of approaching Morgan directly.

Because of Binh’s betrayal, Morgan said she no longer felt safe discussing her feelings with him.

Morgan, on the other hand, said at the farewell dinner that she does not want to have to “take care” of a partner and that she does not require a man.

She said that she doesn’t want to return home to clean up after Binh because of how stressful her job is, which may go against Binh’s ideas of traditional marriage.

I’m concerned that Justin’s influence on Binh will make it difficult for the couple to move on because he seems to have a lot to say about them.

Overall, I think they’re misaligned, but I’m curious to see how they deal with disagreement when they get back to San Diego.

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Lindy & Miguel

"Married at First Sight" Recap: Clara Berghaus Debates Long-Term Couples

Get “Sexy Can I” going, Alexa! Astoundingly, this is the only married couple I’ve heard of who have really made love.

My nervously bonded spirit animal, Lindy, appears to have been born with a tremendous degree of sexual shame, likely as a result of the religious trauma she experienced in her childhood.

This shame was originally inhibiting their sexual journey together. Though Miguel has made it apparent that he views sex primarily as a physical act and is content with “mediocre sex,” she insisted that their first time together be more than just a physical one.

Stacia told the other spouses that she thinks Lindy was forced to have sex, but Lindy insisted that she made the decision on her own because of how they felt about one another, and she sought the wives’ support.

However, things began to go downhill for the couple after they discussed what should be the next step in their relationship.

Because of Miguel’s analytical nature and attitude that “this is only an eight-week adventure,” Lindy felt exposed and worried about their future.

Lindy doesn’t want to risk grief by revealing her true feelings to Miguel if he isn’t committed to the relationship.

At the group dinner, the couple received some constructive criticism, but they were clear that they were taking things at their own pace and asked that their relationship be respected.

Miguel claims to have undergone significant personal growth since their wedding, for which he is extremely appreciative; yet, Lindy worries that Miguel may hold her eccentricities against her.

I think Lindy is being realistic in light of her past relationships, despite Miguel’s wishes that she not make hypothetical reasons for them.

Since Lindy’s job is so demanding and her time off is so unpredictable, she worries that Miguel would resent her if she uses it to pursue her own interests. I can relate to this fear because I have had similar experiences in my own romantic relationships.

As long as Lindy keeps standing up for herself and Miguel realizes that her insecurities aren’t unreasonable but rather a part of what makes her who she is, I really think this couple has great potential.

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Alexis and Justin

"Married at First Sight" Recap: Clara Berghaus Debates Long-Term Couples

I’m having trouble getting a read on this couple, so let’s go down to the facts as they’ve been laid out this week.

The week before last, Justin told Alexis he loved her, and Alexis responded that he was being too forward.

Alexis has been telling the other women about how Justin, who is incredibly sensitive, is helping her to gradually step outside of her comfort zone.

They say that Alexis earns more than Justin, and they refer to him as a “stay-at-home dog dad,” a term he apparently takes in stride.

Alexis said she has a bag full of lingerie and wants to “cater to her man,” and Justin has promised to do things like walk the dogs and make her smoothies every morning.

Alexis casually mentioned that she “loves this man” over the group dinner and afterward confirmed her feelings for him in private.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not denying the possibility of instantaneous attraction. Still, everything about this connection reeks like love bombing to me.

They appear to be hopelessly smitten with one another, but I doubt they can ever love each other after being together for so long.

Even though I don’t think this is practical or sustainable, given that they don’t seem to have had any trouble so far, I am curious to watch how they deal with moving in together, the inevitable fight that will happen, and the loss of celibacy in their relationship.

My concern is that Justin’s preoccupation with his marital status is distracting him from appreciating Alexis for who she actually is: a queen.

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Stacia and Nate

"Married at First Sight" Recap: Clara Berghaus Debates Long-Term Couples

For the time being, Stacia and Nate are the pair in which I have the most faith. I think Stacia could handle this relationship on her own because she is so very grounded, in tune with her emotions, and self-aware.

Stacia suggested they attend marriage counseling as a preventative measure during their picnic. Hearing that Nate was on board with this plan came as a nice surprise.

Nate has shown an interest in becoming part of a “power couple,” and he appears willing to do whatever Stacia suggests in order to make that happen.

Stacia acknowledged that she shared the concerns of Lindy and Miguel that Nate was less interested in a real connection and more interested in his Instagram likes.

Stacia has made it plain that she wants assurances from Nate that he is committed to their future together. Nate is not just convinced that he is doing this, but also that he has not displayed any warning signs.

Stacia’s openness about her concerns and the question of whether or not she is “enough” for her husband struck a chord with me. Though Stacia was overjoyed to learn that Nate is falling in love, she questioned whether or not her burden is too much for Nate to handle.

I think they are the most genuine pair this season since they seem to get one other and communicate well.

I have faith that Nate and Stacia will lean into each other and work together to create the bright future they both deserve, despite the challenges Nate’s financial history may present.

There has already been so much upheaval this season that I fear the following seven weeks will be just as exciting.

I’m curious to see how everyone copes with living together, and I hope the couples can put their disagreements aside for the sake of their partners.

The Kinetic Content-created Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET.

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