That girl is gorgeous and carefree! Barbie Ferreira is a model and actress who has become well-known for her appearance in the film Euphoria as well as for breaking norms on social media by posting racy bikini photographs on Instagram and updating her 6.2 million followers on her daily activities.

The Queens, New York, native said in an interview with Now This Entertainment in August 2019 that it was “really hard to be a bigger girl going to auditions,” describing the challenges she faced because of her weight.

“When people were like, ‘Ah, you look too mature for this character,’ which is just coded language for, you know, from your hips are big,” she added.

She elaborated, “That’s been going on in my life since I was, like, 16. I can’t go anywhere without hearing someone’s opinion on my body.

Now it simply rises above me, but that wasn’t always the case. It took me a long time to accept the reality that just because I’m not the “thin girl” I always envisioned myself to be doesn’t mean I can’t have the life I desire.

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But I need to rethink everything, and not just tell myself, “If I drop 40 pounds, I can become an actress.”

Despite facing bias because of her weight from a young age, the Brazilian model has learned to use the experience to her advantage.

“It’s very meaningful to me that, like, having that whole thing and feeling bad about myself but really learning and exploring who I am and what I like in people and what I want to do with my life and how my energy is and the kind of creativity that I can bring but also — ’cause looks are just, like, you know, I’m over it. A happy revelation: “You know, I’m overthinking about what I look like,” the actress said.

The star of HBO’s Euphoria spoke up when reports surfaced about the tension between her and the show’s producer, Sam Levinson, despite her normally upbeat demeanor.

In an interview published by Insider on March 3, days following the season 2 finale of Euphoria, the actress remarked, “What’s remarkable about this season is there are so many more eyes on it that even the news cycle has been so intriguing to witness.”

Barbie Ferreira, Star of 'Euphoria,' Looks Gorgeous in Her Swimsuit! Browse Hot Pics of Her in A Bikini

“I’ve seen a lot of different stuff, and a lot of it is false, and some of it is, kind of, like ordinary small things.”

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The star of Unpregnant continued, “But I genuinely think that the fans are incredibly passionate, and I really respect it since Euphoria has really impacted so many people.

It’s OK, because I know it’s just out of passion and curiosity and all that nice stuff that things take on a life of their own and become untrue, but it still bothers me when they do.

Barbie Ferreira, Star of 'Euphoria,' Looks Gorgeous in Her Swimsuit! Browse Hot Pics of Her in A Bikini

Yes, I was willing to sign up for that. And thus, I accept the offer. Everything, good and bad, is fine with me.

While the reports of turmoil proved to be untrue, one thing that has been constant is the sizzle in Barbie Ferreira’s swimsuit shots.

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