As the curtain falls on Letterkenny’s twelve-season run, the Canadian comedy series takes a bow with its final installment on Hulu.

The show, known for its slice-of-life portrayal of the fictional town of Letterkenny, bids farewell with a six-episode season that navigates a more focused narrative and emotional depth. While it doesn’t offer a definitive conclusion, the final season encapsulates the essence of the beloved characters, leaving viewers with a bittersweet taste.

Testing Friendships and Strained Bonds

The core of Letterkenny lies in the tight friendships among its characters, and the final season puts these bonds to the test. Daryl’s decision to join the town’s degenerates strains his relationship with Wayne and Katy, forming a central emotional arc. Nathan Dales, portraying Daryl, delivers a standout performance, showcasing vulnerability and adding intense friction to the narrative.

letterkenny season 12 review

Katy’s contemplation of leaving the farm and the town adds another layer of complexity. Reilly and Jonesy, typically known for comedic antics, play a more substantial role as they face the possibility of losing Katy. Dylan Playfair, Andrew Herr, and Michelle Mylett bring unexpected poignancy to their characters, introducing heart-wrenching beats that resonate throughout the season.

Skids’ Sympathetic Turn

The Skids, once portrayed as the town’s antagonists, take a more sympathetic turn in the final season.

letterkenny season 12 review

Led by Tyler Johnston’s Stewart and Evan Stern’s Roald, the Skids seek recognition and appreciation for their unique presence in Letterkenny. This unexpected depth adds a new dimension to characters who started as chaotic figures but evolved into more relatable individuals.

Emotional Depth and Uncharted Territories

The season explores uncharted emotional territories for its main characters, utilizing the actors’ emotional depth in ways not seen before.

letterkenny season 12 review

Even the stoic Wayne faces a crisis of conscience, contributing to the overall character development. The narrative offers a celebration of the characters’ growth, providing a fitting conclusion to their arcs.

Observational Comedy and Lasting Humor

While the humor in Letterkenny has always been a hallmark, the final season takes a slightly different approach.

letterkenny season 12 review

The humor becomes more observational than raunchy, relying less on fast-paced dialogues and more on reflections of the characters’ journeys. The show manages to maintain its off-kilter comedy but finds fresh ways to deliver laughs, avoiding the trap of relying solely on its greatest hits.

Streamlined Farewell and Character Omissions

The final season feels somewhat streamlined compared to its predecessors, with peripheral characters making brief appearances.

letterkenny season 12 review

While expected due to the ensemble cast, some fans may yearn for more involvement from recurring characters who are conspicuously absent. Nevertheless, the streamlined approach aligns with the overarching narrative focus.

Triumph, Self-awareness, and Grand Culmination

The final season achieves a sense of triumph and self-awareness, acknowledging key moments in the series’ history. It serves as a grand culmination of events, allowing fans to reflect on the journey of Letterkenny and its characters. The show’s ability to stay true to its roots while evolving over twelve seasons is a testament to its unique place in the comedy landscape.

Letterkenny’s Legacy and Future Possibilities

Letterkenny, inheriting the Canadian comedy legacy, leaves a void in the small-town comedy genre. Its poetic cadence and unassuming charm made it a standout in the television landscape.

letterkenny season 12 review

While the show officially concludes, its legacy lives on through spin-offs like Shoresy, continuing the comedic exploration of the beloved characters.

Conclusion: A Fond Farewell

As Letterkenny takes its final bow, fans are left with a fond farewell to a show that brought laughter and warmth. The quirky humor, memorable characters, and the town’s unique charm have left an indelible mark on viewers.

While the show may have bid adieu to its regular episodes, the hope lingers for potential spin-offs and future appearances of the Letterkenny ensemble, keeping the spirit of this Canadian gem alive in the hearts of its fans.

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