James Corden and Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner collaborate on an amazing House of Dragon parody.

Before he pardons Grayson Lannister, his greatest foe, Keith maintains that his reign would be one of peace during a meeting with his advisors. After slitting Lannister’s throat, his sister Kim enters the meeting a short while later while cradling his head in her hands.

Kim appears in the mock confessional and says, “Keith is the King right now, but let’s be honest. Without me, he wouldn’t be anywhere.

Then, Royal Kim Kardashian makes an effort to make amends with her brother Keith by giving him a smoothie. However, Keith has a sneaky suspicion that his sister poisoned the beverage in an effort to assassinate him and take the kingdom, and he was correct.

kim kardashian house of the dragon

When Corden asks his guard to sample the shady liquid before testing it on himself for poison, his “Yes man” collapses on the ground and dies.

After the conflict between Keith and Kim, their mother Kris enters the confessional and says, “Oh Keith. He’s been my sensitive boy forever. Before the spoof switches to Kim sitting for a portrait for a Jouster’s Illustrated cover shot, Kris replies, “Mommy’s coming, honey.”

After finally realizing that family comes first, Keith continues by confessing that things have been “very tight around the castle” and that he was prepared to make things right. Keith then extends a hand of friendship to Kim by offering that they divide the throne and rule the kingdom together.

The royal twins are finally back on track as they hug in the hopes of ruling the kingdom together, but then someone enters with an axe and chops off Keith’s head.

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