Netflix has come up with yet another war movie ‘Narvik’ in January 2023, portraying the scenes of World War 1 and especially highlighting the Battle of Narvik.

A huge number of movies had documented both the World Wars but every time we watch any movie it’s totally different from the previous one having a whole new point of view of the Wars.


Narvik is one such movie having fictional characters but is based on true events. It very clearly explains the struggles and pain Narvik, a small town in Norway suffered during World War 2 and how even after being in the shackles of Hilter on one side and the British and French on the other side made their way out and fought for their freedom.

What is the ‘Battle of Narvik’?

The Battle of Narvik was a naval battle fought in Narvik, a small in Norway during World War II on April 10, 1940. It was fought between the British and German Navies, with the British forces eventually prevailing.

The battle was significant as it marked the first Allied victory of the war and also helped to delay the German occupation of Norway. The British victory was short-lived as they were eventually forced to withdraw from Norway due to the German occupation of France. Nevertheless, the Battle of Narvik was a significant moment in the early stages of World War II and demonstrated the determination and bravery of the British forces.

Germans were totally dependent on Sweden for the iron ores and the place where they get shipped from was Norway, so the Germans were very much clear to have control over the whole of Narvik so as to make their shipping easy.

But the British and French army was also not behind and was all ready to conquer Narvik. The growing tension between the two powerful nations forced the neutral people of Narvik to take a forced side and the Norwegian army and its people suffered a lot because of this.

Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat

Netflix’s movie shows the story of one such family- corporal Gunnar Tofte played Carl Martin Eggesbø, his wife Ingrid (Kristine Hartgen), and their son, Ole. A family of three gets divided because of taking different sides as all can’t be neutral in Narvik after World War 2.

It portrays how the wife Ingrid, who is fluent in German takes the sides of the Germans and became the translator of the German troops who stayed at a hotel where she works. She also helps two British representatives hide.

Narvik Hitlers First Defeat Ending Explained Korporal Gunnar Tofte and Korporal Gunnar Tofte

The story takes a turn when she asks to get a German doctor for her son who gets injured in a sudden bomb blast and in exchange for a German doctor she grasses up the location of the British representatives to the Germans.

On the other hand, Gunnar and his team recapture Narvik from the shackles of Hilter and thus this was the first defeat that Hilter tasted, which is called the Battle of Narvik.

It also portrayed Gunnar’s sadness on finding that his wife was helping the Germans the whole time while he was fighting for his town and his nation Norway.

The movie not only covers the war part but also showcased the selfless love of a mother and how a mother can go to any limits just to save her child.

Direction and Cast

Director Erik Skjoldbjærg has done an amazing job in balancing the intensity of the scenes as the movie is not only having intense war scenes but also shows the life of the people of Narvik and how the families survive.


The intense scenes with the appropriate background touch add life to the movie and Kristine Hartgen has totally done justice to Ingrid’s character. She understood her character really well and there was a correct balance between the tenderness of a mother and an independent lady having her own opinion.

Carl Martin Eggesbø, also did commendable work and one can feel the emotions and pain the people must have gone through during that time.

In all this Netflix war movie, Narvik is a must-watch and one should definitely stream it.

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