Since its initial run on Bravo in 2017 and 2018, the enigmatic and thrilling series, Imposters, has garnered a dedicated fan base, particularly after its arrival on Netflix.


The show’s intriguing premise, centered around a cunning con artist named Maddie, played by the talented Inbar Lavi, has captivated audiences with its blend of mystery, drama, and unexpected twists.

The Plot and Fanbase

Imposters revolve around Maddie’s elaborate schemes, where she marries unsuspecting victims for their wealth and possessions, only to vanish once her job is complete.

The Plot and Fanbase

The repercussions of her actions, particularly with her underestimated victims, provide the series with a compelling narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The ensemble cast, featuring Rob Heaps, Parker Young, and Marianne Rendon, further adds depth to the show’s intriguing storyline.

Possibility of Imposters Season 3

Despite the surge in popularity following its Netflix release, the future of Imposters remains uncertain. Initially, there were hopes for a potential third season, especially with Inbar Lavi’s recognition in other projects such as Lucifer.

However, with the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, the path towards a revival for the series seems to have encountered obstacles.

Possibility of Imposters Season 3

As of today, November 7, 2023, Netflix has not announced a renewal for a third season of Imposters. However, the show has a loyal fanbase and has been well-received by critics, so there is still a possibility that it could be revived.

In the past, Netflix has saved several shows that were canceled by their original networks, such as Lucifer and You. So, it’s not impossible that the same could happen to Imposters.

Imposters Season 2 Recap

In the second season, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster journey of suspense, deception, and redemption.

The season revolves around the central character, Maddie, portrayed by the talented Inbar Lavi. Maddie is striving to leave her con artist past behind and live a normal life. However, her efforts are thwarted when the ruthless and relentless criminal known as the Doctor, portrayed by Ray Proscia, tracks her down, compelling her to return to her former life of deceit and manipulation.

Imposters Season 2 Recap

Meanwhile, the trio of con artists, Richard, Ezra, and Jules, collectively known as the Bumblers, are desperate to break free from the dangerous world of cons. Despite their attempts to escape, they find themselves continually drawn back into the treacherous game of deception.

Forced into an uneasy alliance, Maddie and the Bumblers are coerced by the Doctor to carry out one final con. As the intricate plan unfolds, tensions run high, leading to unexpected twists and turns. Although the con initially appears successful, the group is ultimately betrayed by the Doctor, thrusting them into a high-stakes battle for survival and justice.

Imposters Season 2 Recap

Determined to seek retribution, Maddie and the Bumblers join forces with Max and Sally, portrayed by Brian Benben and Katherine LaNasa, in a final showdown against the Doctor. The climactic confrontation culminates in a bittersweet victory, as the characters grapple with significant sacrifices and emotional turmoil, ultimately finding closure amidst the chaos.

The season finale of Imposters masterfully ties up loose ends, providing viewers with a satisfying conclusion that resonates with themes of identity, trust, and the enduring power of human connections. With its gripping narrative and compelling character arcs, Imposters Season 2 leaves a lasting impression, offering a poignant exploration of the complexities of morality and the price of redemption in a world marked by deception and uncertainty.

A Glance at the Future

While the possibility of Imposters Season 3 might seem dim, the fervent fan base continues to hold out hope for a potential resurgence of the beloved show.

A Glance at the Future

Although Netflix may have a packed schedule of upcoming releases, there remains a sense of optimism that the series could eventually find its place on the platform once again. With the narrative left open-ended and several storylines yet to be resolved, the desire for closure among fans persists, keeping the prospect of a continuation alive.


In conclusion, while there are no definitive plans for Imposters Season 3 as of now, the passion and enthusiasm of its dedicated fan base may play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the series.

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, the possibility of a revival or conclusion to the captivating story of Imposters should not be entirely dismissed. As we look ahead to the exciting developments in the world of entertainment, fans of the show can remain hopeful that Maddie’s story may one day continue to unfold on screen.

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