What’s the truth about Ice Spice and Pete Davidson? There’s talk that the rapper and the actor are a couple.

Pete Davidson’s name started trending on Twitter on Monday (Feb. 27), and by Tuesday (Feb. 28) it had reached the number thirteen spot in the United States, with more than four thousand tweets mentioning him.

Many of those tweets also mentioned Ice Spice, as fans of both began spreading the myth that they are an item. While Ice is only 23, Pete is nearly a decade older.

One Twitter user proclaimed, “HE CAN’T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS.”

“Why I saw someone say Pete Davidson got to ice spice??? Lord, please save her!!” another tweeted.

“The streets are saying Pete Davidson is dating Ice Spice 😭😭 It’s not fair,” a tweet read.

Many of the tweets also include references to Drake. Ice Spice was flown to Toronto by Drake to attend OVO Fest last year. Last year, a video of the two people standing next to one another without conversing went viral on the internet.

Despite their calm demeanor in the video, fans speculated that Ice was frightened and that Drake was looking nervously around to see if anyone was watching. Drake and Ice have never been an item.

Rumors of Ice and Pete’s relationship spread like wildfire on Twitter today, and reactions were divided. Ice is a young rapper whose collaboration with PinkPantheress, “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2,” debuted in the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 this week.

Pete dated two well-known musicians and celebrities: Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande. As Kim was going through her divorce from Kanye in 2021, and Pete began dating her, many hip-hop fans who were still riding with Ye were not fond of the union. Pete has a tattoo on his neck that features the initials of Ye’s offspring. Kim and Pete broke up after dating for nine months in 2022.

So how did people hear that Ice Spice and Pete Davidson were dating? The fake news was first shared on Instagram on February 18 by a meme page. Pete and Ice were depicted in a split-screen shot with the caption:  “He can’t keep getting away with this😭 W or L⁉️ – This is satire. This is not real (thankfully) this is for entertainment purposes only.”

Currently, Pete Davidson is dating actress Chase Sui Wonders. According to Ice Spice, she is single.

Find out what the people are saying about the rumor that Ice Spice and Pete Davidson are dating below.

See Fans’ Reactions to The Rumor that Ice Spice and Pete Davidson Are Dating


The allegations that rapper Ice Spice and actor Pete Davidson are dating are untrue. A meme page on Instagram seems to be the seed from which the rumors sprouted, and from there they quickly propagated throughout various social networks.

Pete Davidson is an actor who has dated various famous people, including Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande, while Ice Spice is a young rapper who recently had a successful collaboration with PinkPantheress.

The actress Ice Spice is reportedly available, despite the fact that Pete Davidson is now dating Chase Sui Wonders. Any speculation of a romantic relationship between the two stars is completely unfounded.

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