The 1992 premier “Barney & Friends” totally changed the life of the kids and gave wings to their imaginations. The show for preschool-aged children featured a fictional character Barney, a purple anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur who was loved by all and comes to life through the kids’ imagination.


The show is cute, funny, and knowledgeable all at the same time, and till now is the top 1 show for kids. The show was a huge hit soon after its release and not only kids but parents also are used to watching this addictive show with their little ones.

The plus point of the show is its positive ability to teach the kids everything in a very fun and loving way. Barney the main character of the show is the most loved character and is loved for being friendly and energetic all the time. It is not just a character but actually a whole school in itself.

Barney: “Barney & Friends”

Barney is known for using her playful and friendly energy in making the kids learn about various educational topics like counting, poems, colors, and many more. He makes everything very easy and parents find this show very useful in making their kids watch some informative stuff with lots of fun and playfulness.

The show was a huge hit and the owners of the Barney cartoon, HIT Entertainment, a subsidiary of Mattel was in awe to see the response from the audience but gradually became used to of the love flowing in from around the world and soon the show became a very important part of every household.

Positive feedback from parents

Positive feedback from the parents helped a lot in making the show a huge hit and each and everyone was used to hearing this cartoon sing, dance and play in the most lovely way. All the ’90s born very well know the fever of this show and till now the rewind youtube videos are all that one can hear from all the newly made parents.

The company also released merchandise and toys, especially for kids. The playgroup schools and other kids-oriented places used these toys and merchandise to help kids learn and grown with a lot of ease and fun. Within no time these merchandises became a fashion symbol and even teenagers bought them as a token of their childhood memories.

Return of Barney & people’s mixed reactions

Recently the giants Mattel announced the return of the friendly and lovely dinosaur, Barney, and soon after the announcement the people became made, and social media was all filled with the news of the return of Barney. Mattel also announced that with the advancement in technology, the dinosaur will also be slightly different from the older one, and also it will be available on Barney’s dedicated Youtube channel.

But it was not finished yet as fans of the cartoon started speculating about the originality of the show and the character Barney. Many stated that the new version of Barney looked horrible and that it didn’t in any way looked like the older loving Barney.

The people also stated that the new Barney looks creepy and that it doesn’t give a very positive vibe. The fans who grew up watching the original and older versions of the show totally disliked the concept of coming up with a newer version of the dinosaur-like facelift and the nose job. They called the dinosaur creepy and weird looking.


In conclusion, Barney will always be the first choice for the parent out there and even kids love the purple dinosaur a lot. With the release of the new season of the show we will definitely find a lot of changes but what will and should not change is it concept of making learning easy and fun for the kids.

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