I Had £3, My Mum Gave Me £10’ Riddle Solved!

The “I had £3, my mom gave me £10” riddle is surprisingly challenging. Can you solve this confounding puzzle? If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that it’s possible to binge Netflix.

Millions of us were stranded at home around the world due to the lockdown restrictions imposed earlier this year to stop the Covid-19 epidemic from spreading, and we were looking for ways to pass the time.

And while Netflix and Disney+ may have been successful for a while, many of us wanted something a little more stimulating to keep our minds working, so riddles soon began to appear online.

I had £3, my mom gave me £10 is the most recent mystery to circulate on social media, but what is the solution to this challenging teaser?

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Riddle: I Had £3, My Mum Gave Me £10


The answer to the unexpectedly challenging “I had £3, my mom handed me £10” puzzle is as follows:

I had £3. I received £10 from my mother and £30 from my father. I received £100 from my aunt and uncle. I had another £5. I had how much money?

As this riddle is deceiving, take your time and be sure to read the question completely.



Yes, the solution to this enigma is only £8, not £148.

Despite the fact that your family members gave you a huge £140, the question actually asks for the £8 you had at the beginning.

Even while it would make the mystery considerably simpler if the question made it clear that the answer was the initial amount you possessed, what fun would that be?

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