The Japanese manga series High-Rise Invasion was created by Tsuina Miura and Takahiro Oba.

From December 2013 to April 2019, the series was published online in DeNA’s Manga Box app, with Kodansha consolidating it into twenty-one tankbon volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment holds the North American licensing rights for the manga.

From July 2019 through April 2021, a follow-up manga named High-Rise Invasion Arrive (, Tenk Shipan Arrive) was serialized in Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket website and app. Seven tank-bon volumes were published.

In February 2021, Zero-G released an adaptation of an original net animation (ONA) anime series for Netflix to broadcast globally.

When Is High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Coming Out?

There is no information on a High-Rise Invasion Season 2 as of now. Fortunately, despite being published more than a year ago, there is still hope for a second season thanks to the anime’s steadily expanding fan following.

high rise invasion season 2

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Fans were left off with a cliffhanger in the final episode of the anime, hinting at a potential Season 2 in which the lead character, Yuri Honjo, continues to search for her brother, Rika.

Additionally, Rika and Mamoru Aikawa were seen talking in the end-credits scene while he examined a weird code on a phone. Therefore, there is a greater chance that a later installment will wrap up the adventure because of all these loose ends.

If you haven’t seen High-Rise Invasion before or if you need a brief reminder, the plot revolves around Yuri, a teenage girl who ends up on top of a building after seeing a menacing man in a mask and a lady from another rooftop.

She desperately contacts Rika to try to comprehend what is happening, but as soon as they start talking, the woman ends her life.

After that, Yuri’s life was never the same as she fought these masked individuals and searched for her brother.

What Could Be the Plot of High-Rise Invasion Season 2?

high rise invasion season 2

Because we don’t yet know how many volumes of the manga series the second season of High-Rise Invasion would adapt, we are unsure of where it might go.

In particular, we have no idea whatsoever about how far the second season may go when it debuts due to a general lack of knowledge. The first season’s last episodes are summarized below so you can see what might be modified for a hypothetical second season and where the first season left off.

When Kusakabe learns that Rika personally knows Sniper Mask, she tries to transform him into an angel but is wounded. Before passing out, he claims that Sniper Mask is capable of knocking Aikawa out.

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Sniper Mask and Kuon are talking about Rika at the same time the hibernation software unexpectedly kicks in. Then he begs Kuon to come to his aid when the time comes. Aikawa is attempting to kill the other contenders, Aohara says Yuri.

Then, Kuon informs Yuri and Mayuko of Sniper Mask’s condition and requests that Yuri speaks with him. He asks about Rika after hearing about her from Yuri. Rika’s whereabouts are reported to Yoshida by his angel, and he is instructed to meet Yuri. Sniper Mask enters hibernation after speaking with Yuri.

The Release Date for Season 2 of High-Rise Invasion

Unfortunately, there has been no word on the possibility of the second season of the High Rise Invasion.

The most recent update states that February 2021 marked the first and last time that viewers viewed the anime on television. Additionally, no formal announcement about the return has been issued by Netflix.

high rise invasion season 2

In early 2022, close to when the first season of this series premiered if it is renewed for a second season, which seems likely.

Considering that an anime typically takes one year to produce, we will likely reach February 2022. However, it hasn’t happened yet, so we’re looking for a 2022 release for the series.

High-Rise Invasion Season 2 Trailer: When Will It Be Out?

Is there a trailer for High-Rise Invasion’s second season? No. We are currently unable to see a trailer because Netflix has not provided an update on the second season. When one is released, we’ll keep you informed.

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If you haven’t seen the first season yet, here is a trailer for it:

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