Check out the new reality series, Down For Love, on Netflix. This touching, feel-good series follows the romantic travels of multiple individuals with Down syndrome who are all in search of love.

It’s simple to binge-watch the first season of the show because there are only five episodes. You’ll be looking for more by the time you finish the fifth episode. Will Down for Love return for a second season? All of the information we currently have on a possible second season is provided here.

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Although Down for Love is a recent addition to Netflix, it debuted in New Zealand in May and June of 2022 on TVNZ. The Netflix original film, which is set in New Zealand, centers on a group of individuals with Down syndrome as they set out on a touching journey to discover their true love.

A number of optimistic singles, including Libby Hunsdale, Lily Harper, Josh Bradley, John Halliday, Leisel Shepherd, and Carlos Biggemann, make up the first season’s cast.

Will season two of Down for Love introduce us to a plethora of new singles? We know the following.

What Is The Plot of Down For Love?

“Down for Love” is a remarkable reality dating show that radiates warmth and compassion as it invites viewers into the world of ten extraordinary individuals with Down syndrome on a quest for love. In its inaugural season comprising five heartwarming episodes, this show introduces us to endearing singles navigating a journey to find their ideal match.

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From enchanting blind dates that spark butterflies in Josh and Libby’s hearts to the heartwarming picnic shared by Ben and Sarah amidst the tranquility of a park, each episode unfolds with a beautiful blend of vulnerability and hope. Thrills abound as Corey and Chelsea embrace the roller coaster of emotions on an actual roller coaster ride, while Matt and Ella craft love in the form of a pottery bowl. The love story of Zac and Chloe takes an adventurous turn as they dive into the boundless ocean of their affections.

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As the season draws to a close, these courageous singles may not have found their perfect match, but they have discovered an abundance of hope and optimism. “Down for Love” is an uplifting and inspiring celebration of love and acceptance that transcends all barriers. This show is a heartfelt reminder that love is universal and that everyone, regardless of their abilities, deserves to find it. A must-watch for anyone who believes in the enduring power of love.

Is There Going to be a Season 2 of Down For Love?

Sure, Production is presently underway on a second season. Down For Love’s production crew, Attitude Pictures, announced on Instagram back in October 2022 that they were casting for a second season. The fact that the production business reposted casting call details on their Instagram page around January 2023 suggests that they were still accepting applications for the second season.

Although it’s unclear if Down For Love season 2 filming has begun as of August 2023, our assumption is that it has. The release method for the second season is similarly unknown. It’s very likely that it will premiere on TVNZ before moving on to Netflix. This was the case with the inaugural season. In 2024, hopefully, Netflix will release the second season. However, we’ll just have to wait and see.


“Down for Love” is a heartwarming and inspiring reality series on Netflix that has captured hearts worldwide with its endearing portrayal of individuals with Down syndrome on their quest for love. The first season, which aired in New Zealand before hitting Netflix, introduced viewers to a cast of hopeful singles, including Libby Hunsdale, Lily Harper, John Halliday, Leisel Shepherd, Carlos Biggemann, and Josh Bradley.

The good news for fans of the show is that a second season is indeed in the works. The production team, Attitude Pictures, has actively been casting for “Down for Love” Season 2, with announcements on their Instagram page in late 2022 and January 2023. While we don’t have a confirmed release date or details on the filming schedule, it’s clear that the show’s creators are dedicated to bringing more heartwarming love stories to the screen.

As for the release strategy, it’s possible that Season 2 may follow a similar path to the first season, initially airing on TVNZ before making its way to Netflix. While the exact timeline remains uncertain, fans can eagerly anticipate another dose of love, laughter, and life lessons in the forthcoming season. Keep an eye out for updates as we wait to embark on another heartwarming journey with the remarkable individuals of “Down for Love.”

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