Butter beans, backdoors, and blindsides. Greetings from Big Brother! We’ve got some good old-fashioned strategic moves this week that have taken the place by storm and charted a new course for the season or at the very least the upcoming week or two.

In any case, it has been a really exciting period on the Feeds, and we’re in for a possibly messy eviction show, so we’re excited to find out who was voted out tonight on Big Brother 24!

We’ll see what transpires when nominees Michael and Brittany decide to use the medallion on themselves as was hinted at in Wednesday’s show, which set us up for the Veto meeting. Oh, I’m not kidding.

Big Brother Veto Spoilers

Turner must now choose someone to take their place, and a few houseguests believe Nicole and Taylor will be chosen, allowing Taylor to be eliminated at last. not now!

Don’t miss the elimination show this week! You won’t have to miss any of the fun even if you’re out tonight because you can watch it live on CBS’s Paramount+ Premium subscription in most US locations.

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Big Brother Veto Spoilers

Turner had to make a crucial choice. What should he do? Do you nominate Taylor & Nicole as the simple, less frightful option?

Or, should you go big and nominate Ameerah & Terrance in an effort to drastically change the game?

Please read on with caution as there are some HUGE spoilers from the live broadcasts.

Here we go!

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Big Brother 24 Results – Week 3 Votes:

Big Brother Veto Spoilers
  • Terrance is evicted by Alyssa’s vote.
  • Terrance is evicted by Indiana’s vote.
  • Ameerah is removed by Monte’s vote.
  • Nicole casts a vote to boot: Terrance
  • Jasmine decides to kick out Terrance.
  • Ameerah is removed by Brittany’s vote.
  • Ameerah receives Taylor’s eviction vote.
  • Kyle decides to oust Ameerah
  • Michael decides to remove: Ameerah
  • Daniel casts a vote to oust Ameerah.
  • Ameerah is removed by Joseph’s vote.

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