It’s all about the movies at Christmas. You might say the same about Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or pretty much any other commercial holiday, but Christmas in particular produces more movies than any other season.

There is even an entire genre devoted to generic rom-com set during the mistletoe season, and Netflix has picked up on the corny tradition that Hallmark and Lifetime started.

You’re scrolling through countless holiday titles that all seem to be the same and you have no idea where to start. Here I step in to help. A Jew who spends the entire holiday season watching movies while everyone else gets up early to open presents and host relatives is the expert on Christmas movies.

It’s a rare chance for me to discover the distinctions between A Prince for Christmas, The Christmas Prince, and Christmas with a Prince. Which princely gift, though, is worthwhile of your time? You can use this list as a reference to find the top 20 Christmas movies on Netflix this year.

1. Falling For Christmas

Falling for Christmas provides spectators with a stage for both Lindsay Lohan’s comeback and Glee’s Chord Overstreet, which is a double whammy.

What did we do to earn such a double helping of holiday fame? Overstreet plays a bed and breakfast proprietor who is tasked with caring for Lohan after she sustains head trauma following a skiing accident and develops amnesia.

Unexpectedly, she is the affluent heiress of the sizable ski resort that is nearby. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for a Christmas miracle that the success of Falling for Christmas will spark a revival of The Parent Trap or Freaky Friday.

2. A Castle For Christmas

Enough with all the innocent, inexperienced couples who misunderstand the true meaning of Christmas magic! Carl Elwes from The Princess Bride and Brooke Shields plays two souls who are looking for information about their individual family histories in the movie A Castle for Christmas.

Shields portrays an author visiting her father’s ancestral Scottish village who meets the prickly Duke (Elwes), who eventually captures her heart. Elwes plays the current owner of the castle.

3. The Christmas Chronicles

In American holiday culture, there is a perplexing preoccupation with wanting to either catch Santa, assist Santa in eluding the law, or, in the case of the 1994 film The Santa Clause, take care of Santa’s mortality. In this 2018 movie, Kurt Russell plays Santa Claus, who is pursued by two young children who want to kidnap him.

4. Let It Snow

This one is geared toward teenagers, which is unusual for these kinds of movies but a pleasant breath of holiday air.

Let It Snow is a teenage romantic comedy with just the right amount of corny holiday happiness, starring Isabela Merced and Shameik Moore from Dora and the Lost City of Gold and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, respectively.

5. Fireplace For Your Home

Sure, a lot of critics could object by saying things like, “You’re essentially just viewing a screensaver,” or “An hour-long film of a fireplace isn’t a movie.” I respond by saying, “Seeing is believing.”

Fireplace for Your Home and its ground-breaking follow-up “Birchwood Edition” may not be considered films, but they are undoubtedly among the best additions to Netflix’s winter collection.

It’s not just merry and relaxing, but it’s also the ideal compromise when your family has been debating what to watch for hours or when your Christmas party is too boisterous for a movie.

6. Single All The Way

The fact that Jennifer Coolidge has appeared on our televisions so frequently proves that we, as a society, have made the lovely list.

Single All the Way may follow most of the patterns anticipated from a Netflix Christmas rom-com, but being the first of its kind to center on a queer couple, it represents a positive development for stories about joyful gay love.

7. Holidate

Holidate’s style of kitsch is distinctive. But Emma Roberts’ charm makes this odd movie about a couple who decide to get together after growing weary of dealing with the issues of being single over the holidays work. You probably have no idea what happens to them!

8. Robin Robin

There is nothing quite like the brilliance of the British claymation company Aardman, from Wallace & Gromit to Chicken Run. Not an exception is Robin Robin. In order to blend in with her family, a young robin who was raised by mice casts a wish upon a Christmas star in this holiday special.

The 30-minute run duration makes this an ideal family movie to watch before night, in addition to making you feel warm and fuzzy with Aardman’s new felt-adorned animation style.

9. Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square isn’t watched for the fine script. Watching it makes you feel happy. in addition to believing in something bigger than yourself and listening to insane songs.

If someone criticizes you for it, you can point out that it won the Emmy for the best movie produced for television and then scream “I will always love you!” in their foolish faces.

10. A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas is a brilliant reimagining of the early life of St. Nicholas that follows in the tradition of other Santa Claus origin tales like Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town.

This is yet another excellent choice for a family-friendly holiday movie night, featuring a cast that includes Kristen Wiig, Henry Lawful, Toby Jones, and Sally Hawkins as well as amazing spectacular effects.

11. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

In one of Netflix’s most recent holiday movies, a character who has lost faith in the season experiences loneliness until experiencing a resurrection of the spirit thanks to the affection and company of a long-lost family member.

Additionally, extra points for avoiding the tired, whitewashed Christmas story that is regurgitated year after year.

12. Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop is a quirky rom-com about a congressional assistant tasked with looking into a U.S. Air Force facility in Guam that is loosely based on the same-named U.S. Air Force tradition (Google it).

She is determined to gather evidence to support shutting it down, but her intentions are derailed when a charming commander offers to show her around and persuade her differently.

13. klaus

Feeling the need for a traditional 2D animated Christmas film? Netflix’s first animated film to be nominated for an Academy Award, Klaus, offers a different version of Santa Claus’ origin story that centres on a reclusive toymaker.

14. The Knight Before Christmas

When a stunning woman who has given up hope of finding real love encounters a stunning man, could she be persuaded to reconsider? You can damn me.

Despite how cliché the story may be, this film does offer a novel twist on the traditional rom-com formula. In the movie, Vanessa Hudgens plays a schoolteacher who receives a courtship from a knight who can travel through time.

15. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

After the unexpected box office success of the first film, A Christmas Prince’s world received a second tale last year. The narrative picks up this time a year later, as journalist Amber and her prince prepare for their unavoidable Christmas wedding.

So it’s the same thing, but with all the clichés associated with Christmas and weddings. A collapsing economy is another major plot component that adds some unexpectedly serious problems to the mix.

16. A Christmas Prince

The Netflix audience clearly enjoys sap during the holiday season, as evidenced by this year’s holiday film. This (admittedly awful) film swiftly rose to popularity after its debut.

Even Stephen Colbert, in a funny admission, confessed to being fixated with the tale of a vaunted American journalist who visits a made-up European village to interview the royal family. Surprise! She develops feelings for the prince.

17. El Camino Christmas

You object to Christmas movies, yet you still want to participate. Great. Learn about El Camino Christmas, a hostage drama turned holiday film starring (?) and Tim Allen (?) in a tense standoff with the police.

18. The Holiday Calendar

An apparently mystical Advent calendar that predicts a photographer’s future, right down to her love life, is given to her. Clearly aiming for the Hallmark level of holiday film, this one comes very near. Corniness is welcome.

19. Holiday In The Wild

Why wouldn’t a new holiday Netflix movie be one of Rob Lowe’s many talents given that he is a man of many talents? In this one, Kristin Davis, who is on a safari, meets Lowe, who is somehow a tour guide in Africa.

She consents to work with Lowe’s character at an elephant sanctuary. There are many instances of “We’re just buddies,” as usual.

20. The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens portrays a baker who travels to yet another made-up European village for a baking competition and finds a princess who resembles her there (also played by Vanessa Hudgens). Things go wrong when her royal twin suggests switching places. Is this awful? Sure. Is it fantastic? Also, yes.

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