When it comes to blockbuster movies, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Two Towers are undoubtedly the biggest in recent memory.

Even though only two episodes of the new series have been made available, the internet has been flooded with critical reviews and comments.

Amazon is delaying user reviews of all Prime Video material, including The Rings of Power, by three days in an effort to reduce their frequency.

Why Is Amazon Delaying Reviews On Prime Video?

Reading comments and reviews is a great method to find out more about a new show or film. Amazon has reportedly decided to postpone all content evaluations by three days.

Why Is Amazon Delaying Reviews On "The Rings Of Power"?

The report argues that doing so would aid in reducing unfavorable comments and discouraging potential viewers.

All reviews and comments, regardless of medium, will be locked for three days. An Amazon employee explained that the three-day hold-up is necessary so that the company can verify if the reviews are from real customers or automated software.

It was discovered that numerous bots dominate the reviews section, leaving scathing, negative comments. One such series that has been singled out for criticism is the Rings of Power series.

Furthermore, online criticism of the show’s decision to cast members from traditionally underrepresented groups has been increasing.

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Is that Enough to Prevent Further Criticism of The Rings of Power?

While blocking reviews for three days might temporarily quiet the naysayers, it won’t solve the problem.

A regular stream of reviews, both positive and negative, may be found on other dedicated sites such as Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and others. These platforms typically also employ algorithms to ensure that user reviews are legitimate.

Plus, platforms like Twitter and Facebook attract a lot of people who are looking to voice their opinions and recommendations.

The name of the show or film is a trending subject on social media since it is frequently discussed using a hashtag associated with it. At the moment, The Rings of Power is a popular show.

More than 25 million people watched the premiere of The Rings of Power on the day it was released, making it the day’s biggest debut for Amazon Prime Video.

However, this has not prevented a deluge of critical feedback on the site. Whether or if the three-day wait will mitigate bad reviews is currently unknown.

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