K.J. Hamler, the football wide receiver for the Denver Broncos loses his cool and slams down his helmet again and again after a fourth-down incompletion that ended the game. Due to the loss to Indianapolis Colts at home on Thursday night 12-9, Russell Wilson and the Broncos went below .500 for the first time this season.

Hamler was frustrated a lot as he was wide open on the final play and Russell Wilson didn’t see him, which resulted in Russell’s pass getting Batted away by Colt’s cornerback Stephon Gilmore in the last few minutes. Well, he tried to pass to the Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton, but Gilmore made it as an opportunity and took the game away from the Broncos.

Hamler was really upset as we’ve seen in the pictures. He also showed his disappointment with the NFL Network’s James Palmer, describing that he was wide open for a game-winning touchdown if Russell had seen him just once he could’ve led them to victory. Everybody thought that Hamler was right, well we all believe that it was really easy for him as he had an advantage for a touchdown.

It was an intense match and everybody could’ve been under pressure. The same thing applies to Wilson, this wasn’t a good season for him as looked hesitant in almost every game. Even the media targeted him a lot after the game, asking him some silly questions but he accepted it very well. Russell Wilson finished the game with 274 yards via the air on just 21 of his 39 attempts.

KJ Hamler Loses His Cool Over Russell Wilson On Missing Him on Game-Winning TouchDown

Hamler’s frustration was fair in that case but he looked in an unmanageable condition as the clip showed that he slammed his helmet on the ground more than 3 times. Various fans also reacted to his clip on Twitter.

Well, it’s just a game and every sportsperson should adapt to it while playing. We all know how much importance a game plays in the sportsperson’s life but time changes and it gives what you’ve been working for so he should stay calm as the Broncos will have a very long week ahead of them.

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