Newly Emerged American Rapper Ice Spice is facing a lot of backlashes on social media these days as the Bronx-born drill rapper has recently been linked to the leak of a sex tape. Since it created a lot of issues in her personal life, she demonstrated her views in the video.

Just a couple of weeks ago, it all started. The explicit video showed a young woman, which was as similar to Ice Spice giving an unidentified man an oral. Many people speculated that the unidentified man was Drake. Due to this insulation, the rapper unfollowed her on Instagram. The Certified Boy Lover was a regular supporter after she released her hit song “Munch.” The two were last spotted in August at Rolling Loud Toronto.

Ice Spice Breaks Silence on Her Sex Tape Rumors

The Bronx Born rapper was in a big shock when she got to know that she’s been involved in a sex tape. She even denied that she hasn’t made any appearance in any of the viral videos these all are rumors.

Earlier tomorrow, she breaks her silence on Twitter writing “u guys want them fake ass leaks to be me so bad just so u can go beat your Lil dirty meat to it!?” She targeted all those who’ve been involved in such a crazy act.

Some of her fans took her side by supporting her while on the other hand, toxic fans made fun of what the video has shown. Other than that, she also posted some stuff about her and Big Tigger on the latest iteration of Rap City.

Well, things like these wouldn’t make any big impact on her as she is such a hard-working rapper. In a span of just 2 years, she has become one of the fastest-rising rappers. We hope that this gets sorted out soon.

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