The Netflix series Shards of Her is a new Taiwanese/Chinese mystery thriller, directed by Cho Li and written by Yu-Fang We. The plot centers on a career-oriented woman named Lin Chen-hsi, who is a successful headhunter in her company and really dedicated to her work.

Sadly, she gets into an accident and finds herself in her past. Meanwhile, Chen-hsi gets to know from her parents that one of her school teachers, Hsieh Chih-Chung, was murdered, at the hands of her classmate Yen Sheng-Hua.

The investigator of the murder, Hsiao-liu earlier finds out that Hsieh was killed by a man. Now, she is on a mission to find out the murderer with the help of the investigator. So, who killed the physics teacher? Did the question remain a mystery or is it disclosed? Read on to know more…

Who Killed Hsieh Chih-chung?

It was Lin Chen-hsi’s own brother (Lin Chen-ye), who killed Hsieh Chih-Chung. He was killed because he raped Chen-hsi and her parents want Chen-ye to keep a distance from her sister as they already lost their daughter and now, they don’t want to lose their son. As a result, Chen-hsi moved to Taipei.

Chen-ye found another sister in the form of Sheng-Hua, as her only relative, her grandmother died and Chen-ye’s father Yung-sheng offered his home as a shelter for her. After meeting with Sheng, Chen-ye got to know that Hsieh destroyed the lives of both of his “sisters.”

Who Killed Hsieh Chih-Chung?

When Hsieh got admitted to a care center, where Sheng-Hua worked, Yung-sheng considered the same as an opportunity to kill him. He was in such anger that he won’t come without killing the schoolteacher.

Well, he was just about to murder him, but Sheng-Hua interrupted his plan and forced him to run away from the center, while on the other hand, Chen-ye was desperate to kill him, so he got into Hsieh’s room and strangled him to death. When Chen-hsi left him and left for Taipei, Chen-ye was taking revenge on the instructor who had preyed upon his sister and her classmate.

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How is Hsieh Chih-Chung Still Alive?

Even after being killed, Hsieh Chih-Chung is still seen in the show’s finale with his wife, Mrs. Hsieh. After being involved in an accident, Chen-hsi imagines that Hsieh has been murdered.

After the incident, she imagines a world in which her brother Chen-ye kills her rapist. Even her parents didn’t believe in or support Chen-hsi after she was assaulted. In order to support her husband, Mrs. Hsieh made up the story that Chen-hsi had raped her husband and that she had lied about it. Chen-hsi was unable to defend herself against Hsieh since she was a helpless schoolgirl.

She had to bury her rage toward Hsieh while Chen-hsi grew up. Her inability to wreak revenge on her rapist began to trouble her. She believed that her prosperous lifestyle and great work would help her forget her past, but she was wrong.

Following the incident, she develops an imaginary world out of her suppressed rage and despair. Hsieh was killed for raping her in the same make-believe world. Her brother Chen-ye got the retribution she was unable to get.

Chen-hsi and Chen-ye shared a soul and two bodies as children. They were really close since they were siblings. However, the fact that Chen-hsi was sexually assaulted by Hsieh had an impact on their relationship.

She had expected her brother to defend her, but he was too weak to do so. Chen-ye let his sister down severely by failing to shield her. Chen-hsi seeks to repair her relationship with her deceased brother by pretending that Chen-ye killed Hsien for raping her.

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  • Wei-Ning Hsu as Lin Chen-hsi
  • Toby Lee as La Hao-ming
  • Chen-Ling Wen as Yang Chia-ying
  • Patty Pei-Yu Lee as Chen Chih-ling
  • Vins Yi-Zheng as Lin Yu-sheng
  • Ning Ding as Chiu Wan-fen
  • Yi-wen Chen as Hsieh Chih-chung
  • Alyssa Chia as Yen Sheng-hua

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