That devastating fake “Chevron Ad” on social media was created by Adam McKay.

What initially appears to be a standard glossy advertisement promoting Chevron’s corporate stewardship of the world and support to American families — shades of the El Segundo Blue — takes a very discordant turn after being posted online today and receiving over 2.5 million views.

The narration of the commercial says, “We at Chevron think there is nothing more precious than life, and the most precious life of all is the dead type. ” It then goes on to explain that oil is actually the result of biological matter (formerly alive) forced under intense pressure for millions of years.

It adds, “Oil that we can refine and sell as gasoline, so that a cool-ass tank can destroy a clay cottage or an airplane can carry a businessman 3,000 kilometers to have dinner with someone,” across images of a happy, attractive young couple, one of whom playfully pulls the other in a shopping cart.

The irony intensifies until the narrator states bluntly, “Because, at the end of the day, we at Chevron don’t give a single F*ck about you, your odd children, or your ratty-ass dog,” to the listener.

The advertisement concludes with a scene of a lovely forest, the Chevron emblem, and the slogan “Chevron: We don’t give a f*ck about you.”

The fact that Adam McKay, the Oscar-winning director of Don’t Look Up, first posted the advertisement on Twitter offers hints as to its origins. Additionally, it’s the only video on his Hyperobject Industries’ brand-new YouTube profile.

“The idea for making this video joking about how Chevron, along with all the other oil companies, are murdering us every day, came from the fact that Chevron and all the other oil companies are murdering us every day,” McKay said when Deadline contacted him about the urgency he places on the issues surrounding climate change.

McKay also tweeted slightly modified screenshots of Hurricane Ian news coverage with chyron headlines like “Hurricane Chevron Making Landfall in Florida” and “Fort Myers Resident Witnesses Houses Floating Away as Hurricane Exxon Hammers Florida” to further emphasize the connection to the day’s events.

With special thanks to Lost Planet, the commercial was written by McKay, voiced by Steven San Miguel, edited by Bruce Herrman, and produced by Don’t Look Up co-producer Staci Roberts-Steele, who also starred as Linda Dicalio in the movie.

McKay joined the board of directors of the Climate Emergency Fund and gave $4 million to it earlier this month. As a connection between charity and climate activism, the fund was established in 2019.

According to its website, CEF has given more than $4 million this year alone and has financed more than 90 organizations, and trained more than 22,000 climate activists.

Since it is not endowed, it depends on contributors to collect money, which it then deliberately distributes to activist groups who engage in disruptive protest and urge radical rather than gradual change. The largest individual gift made since the fund’s inception is McKay’s.

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