Big Sean’s name has been mentioned everywhere since his recent nine-minute freestyle for the Los Angeles Power 106 radio station.

His freestyle served as a reminder of his talent and the reasons he is deserving of his position as one of the most prominent rappers currently active in the hip-hop scene.

Big Sean has been romantically involved with the same attractive young woman for a while, and she shares his talent for music. Here is all the information you need to know about Big Sean’s girlfriend and their adorable connection.

Who Is Big Sean Dating?

Jhené Aiko is the lucky woman Big Sean has on his arm. This is one to keep an eye out for when it comes to talented power couples in the music business. He is a rapper, and she is a vocalist, and they go well together.

In reality, they’ve also worked together on a few outstanding tracks. They presumably feel much more motivated whenever they enter a recording studio because they work as a cohesive unit.

who is big sean dating

In 2012, Big Sean and Jhené first spoke, sparking the start of their friendship. In 2016, they were prepared to collaborate on an incredible joint record as a part of a brand-new musical ensemble called TWENTY88.

They didn’t immediately disclose their relationship to the public, despite the obvious chemistry they had based on the lyrics of their music. Later that year, during a concert, they had a kiss on stage, which raised suspicions in the audience.

Immediately after that, Jhené filed for divorce from Dot Da Genius, her spouse. Many individuals were completely unaware of her marriage up until the point at which she filed for divorce, alleging irreconcilable differences.

She received a tattoo of Big Sean’s face on her arm in 2017, but she had it removed the following year, in 2018. It was obvious that they had given up.

The musicians resumed their social interactions in 2019, which led others to believe they were making up. Big Sean made a suggestion that he would pop the question to her shortly in April 2020. Despite the ups and downs of their love, they are back together and stronger than ever.

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Who Else Has Dated Big Sean? and How Much Money Is He Worth?

Big Sean’s romance with Ariana Grande ranks among his most illustrious partnerships. Before they started dating, they spent over two years as platonic friends. In 2012, they worked on music together and had a great time.

Even though their romance is gone, they remain cordial. Who could forget Ariana telling Big Sean in her “Thank U Next” music video that he can “still get it”?

who is big sean dating

Another well-known partnership of Big Sean’s was his engagement to the late Naya Rivera. Naya dated Big Sean for approximately a year before she, unfortunately, died in 2020 as a result of a drowning tragedy. In 2014, they put an official end to things.

Big Sean reportedly has a net worth of $26 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His earnings reveal a lot about him, his talent, and his character. It comes as no surprise that he has dated such stunning ladies throughout his life.

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Big Sean and Jhené Aiko Break up And Makeup

However, a source close to the pair revealed in December 2018 that they had broken up. Aiko had previously covered up her Big Sean tattoo with a galaxy tattoo. She had, however, made it clear that she had done so for aesthetic purposes.

Aiko formally announced their breakup in an Instagram message in March 2019. She reacted to a fan who predicted that she would criticize the rapper on her upcoming album by stating that they were not at odds and that she adored him dearly.

who is big sean dating

The two worked again on a new single, “None of Your Concern,” a few months later in November, which led to rumors of their reconciliation. After that, they went to Disneyland to spend Valentine’s Day together and even rang in the new year together.

Sean complimented his ex-girlfriend on her appearance during an Instagram Live in April 2020, yet they did not announce they were back together. She reacted by asking, “Why don’t you marry me?” to which he replied that she need not worry because it was already planned.

Sean and Aiko seem committed to their relationship going forward.

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