Tayshia Adams, an American television host, and personality was born on September 4, 1990. After competing in seasons six of Bachelor in Paradise and season 23 of The Bachelor, she gained widespread notoriety.

On November 5, 2020, Adams took over as the season 16 bachelorette of The Bachelorette in lieu of Clare Crawley. Adams co-hosted seasons 17 and 18 of The Bachelorette.

Private Life

Adams wed Josh Bourelle in 2016, and the two separated in 2017. After they connected on The Bachelorette, she proposed to Zac Clark in 2020. The relationship ended in November 2021. She is interested in interior design, architecture, and real estate.

Many “Bachelor Nation” fans believe they have seen a new relationship between two previous participants because they rarely miss anything on the show. This combination will undoubtedly create a tonne of talk if it turns out to be real. Could Dale Moss, a previous contestant on “The Bachelorette,” now be dating Tayshia Adams?

who is tayshia adams dating

Dale posted a picture to Instagram on May 7 that got a lot of attention. He was seen in the photo smiling alongside skateboarder Ishod Wair and Tayshia during what he jokingly described as a “low key night.”

He continued by saying he had attended a Future performance “with some new buddies” and had thought the event had been “Next Level!” Dale posted several images, but the first one of him standing close to Tayshia generated the most attention.

This event was confirmed to be a yacht party hosted in Miami through a post on the Patron Instagram page, and Dale commented on that post that it was “One for the books!”

who is tayshia adams dating

Fans of “The Bachelorette” noticed a lot of potential in a future relationship between Tayshia and Dale even if the picture of them only showed them standing next to one another, with Ishod on Tayshia’s other side.

You two together!” one person exclaimed with a few emojis, and several other people agreed. well noticed! They seem to have the same energy and be so in tune with where they want to be in life.

“Don’t know why I haven’t seen this before, but now I’m low-key addicted,” the same poster continued. Would be fantastic. “I’ve been supporting @dalemoss13 and @tayshia getting together forever. Someone else urged, “Please guys, give it a shot. I think you guys would be so beautiful together.

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Tayshia and Dale Appeared at A Miami Event at The Same Time:

The 2022 F1 Miami Grand Prix was held over the weekend of May 7—among other events—and the yacht party was only one of them. Dale and Tayshia both managed to get pictures with rapper Bad Bunny while he was in Miami for the action. Tayshia posted a photo of herself with Bad Bunny on her Twitter page and said that this was the highlight of her weekend.

Bad Bunny was wearing the same outfit he did in the photo with Tayshia when Dale posted their picture together on Instagram. That indicated that even though Tayshia and Dale’s images were not taken simultaneously, they both originated from the same Miami event.

The people who commented on Dale’s Instagram image with Tayshia may have expressed lots of enthusiasm for a future romance, but Reddit did not always agree. “Tayshia is gorgeous in this picture.

One commenter wrote, “And I love her body language showing she won’t be getting with Dale. Someone else joked, “Imagine they began dating, omg the Clayshia season ending with the biggest plot shock.”

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That obviously refers to how “The Bachelorette” filming unfolded in the summer of 2020. Fans will recall that less than two weeks after the two met, Dale, proposed to Clare Crawley. Tashia then entered the picture and also became “The Bachelorette.”

who is tayshia adams dating

She decided on Zac Clark, and the two became engaged, but both unions have since broken off. Tayshia and Dale appear to be acting guarded right now if there is any sort of love chemistry growing between them.

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