Only a handful of Hollywood couples were able to hold the public’s interest for an extended period of time. For some time following the revelation of a private video of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, the power couple seemed to be the topic of conversation everywhere. More than two decades later, the period in their lives remains so iconic that it sparked the creation of the biographical miniseries Pan & Tommy.

I’m sure Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s eldest son Brandon remembers what it was like when his parents were the centre of so much attention. Considering this, you might assume Brandon would shy away from the limelight, but he actually joined the cast of The Hills: New Beginnings. Some have questioned the authenticity of The Hills: New Beginnings, but the show has piqued viewers’ curiosity in Brandon’s private life. Consequently, many are curious about Brandon’s current partner and prior flames.

brandon lee anderson girlfriend

With whom has Brandon Thomas Lee recently been linked romantically?

Brandon Thomas Lee has had a difficult relationship with celebrities ever since he became a household name in his own right. After all, Brandon seems to want people to believe that he doesn’t care about the spotlight, but at the same time, he wants to be famous and get lots of attention. To no one’s surprise, given how he treats his popularity, Brandon has yet to declare that he is dating someone, even though it appears obvious that he does.

brandon lee anderson girlfriend

Brandon Thomas Lee has been dating Lily Easton, an Australian influencer, since October of 2021. After all, they both had their vacations in Mexico during that same month and tagged each other in their Instagram stories while there. Naturally, at that age, it was possible for the two teens to be nothing more than buddies.

A lot of evidence pointed to Brandon Thomas Lee and Lily Easton being an item by the end of November 2021. Many of Brandon’s close friends and relatives showed up to support his clothing line during an event on November 4th. Brandon brought Lily to the ceremony and the two of them posed for a photo with his famous parents and his brother and his spouses.

Brandon Thomas Lee’s Romantic History

Headlines concerning Brandon Thomas Lee’s love life started appearing online years before fans came to assume he was dating Lily Easton. For instance, rumours that Brandon was dating Bella Thorne first surfaced online in 2015. Brandon was recognised as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s kid at the time, although The Hills: New Beginning didn’t air until years later.

Since Brandon Thomas Lee’s relationship with Bella Thorne was so brief, he was free to start dating Raina Lawson later that year. Raina is a successful model who has worked with well-known companies and has a deep, abiding affection for all animals. The fact that Raina knew Brandon’s ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne is an unsettling twist.

After being alone for a while in 2016, Brandon Thomas Lee began dating Pyper Smith. Their relationship lasted for around a year. Smith, like Lawson, is a professional model, and Brandon began seeing another such lady, Daniella Beckerman, in 2020. Beckerman is not just an Elite Model Management signee in Los Angeles and Miami, but also a social media influencer who appeared on Brandon’s shoulder in episodes of The Hills: New Beginnings.

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