Below is the complete solution for the crossword puzzle for August 21, 2023. Here we’ll help you all to solve the given puzzles easily with a moderate difficulty level. Wherever you get stuck you are always allowed to know more with the help of the given hints and find the correct possible answer. If you want to challenge your brain, then you should definitely try solving these puzzles which are published every day on our website.


Jamaican music genre SKA
Largest city in Nebraska OMAHA
Pulitzer or Pritzker PRIZE
Approximate weight of a full-grown walrus TON
Eggs (on) URGES
Desert watering hole OASIS
Author Bradbury TIEDTHEKNOT
Some saxes ALTOS
___-wop DOO
Mount ___, active Italian volcano ETNA
Not require fees to be paid WAIVECHARGES
Hashtag that trended in a late-2010s movement METOO
Covers in goo SLIMES
App that asks “Where to?” on its home screen UBER
Office leader BOSS
Lust or envy SIN
Something you might hold to your ear in order to hear the first parts of 18-, 24-, 52- and 62-Across? SHELL
Fishy bagel topper LOX
Dark beer variety STOUT
Berry in a smoothie bowl ACAI
Cheerful, as an outlook ROSY
Prepare to regift, perhaps REWRAP
Story with Achilles ILIAD
Fruity breakfast biscuit CURRANTSCONE
Biblical sister of Rachel LEAH
Debtor’s note LOU
Ohio city where Goodyear is headquartered AKRON
“Saturday Night Live” cast member from 1980 to 1984 EDDIEMURPHY
Chicago airport code ORD
Jerry Maguire’s profession in “Jerry Maguire” AGENT
“Twice-Told ___” TALES
G.I. entertainers USO
Opposite of sparse DENSE
Replay option SLOMO
Stitch up SEW


Drink sucker-upper STRAW
“Bear” in a eucalyptus forest KOALA
“We’re waiting …” ANYTIMENOW/td>
Very beginning OUTSET
Hosp. procedure MRI
Mature, as wine AGE
Ibsen’s “___ Gabler” HEDDA
Fur tycoon John Jacob ASTOR
“The Purloined Letter” author POE
Earns and earns and earns RAKESIN
“Money ___ everything” ISNT
National park with the notorious Angels Landing hike ZION
“Cómo ___ usted?” ESTA
Refuses to share HOGS
Above OVER
Corn interiors COBS
Kerfuffle HOOHA
Lilly of pharmaceuticals ELI
Biblical son of Seth ENOS
Smokin’ hot SEXY
It broke up on Dec. 26, 1991 USSR
Small snack BITE
Jiffy SEC
Done in, as a dragon SLAIN
Cheery tune LILT
Spiny sea creatures URCHINS
Letter between sigma and upsilon TAU
Set of antlers RACK
Strait-laced PRIM
Words after “because” that don’t really explain ISAYSO
Decisive victories ROUTS
Of the ear AURAL
Viking language NORSE
Fund, as a university ENDOW
Metal that an alchemist “converts” into gold LEAD
Slight advantage EDGE
Port of Yemen ADEN
Summer in Québec ETE
West Bank grp. PLO
___ and haw HEM

Clues are given in order to help you all solve the given crossword puzzles easily in a very less amount of time. Do make sure to give it a try and challenge yourself as these puzzles are really fun to solve which will create a kind of brainstorming session for you. The hints are there to help you and the difficulty level is moderate so you don’t need to worry. Bookmark our website for more such crossword puzzles which are published every day along with the answers of the previous crossword puzzles.

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