Below is the complete solution for the crossword puzzle for August 12, 2023. Here we’ll help you all to solve the given puzzles easily with a moderate difficulty level. Wherever you get stuck you are always allowed to know more with the help of the given hints and find the correct possible answer. If you want to challenge your brain, then you should definitely try solving these puzzles which are published every day on our website.


Perfectly acceptable, humorously CROMULENT
Serpentine symbol of rebirth, from the Greek for “tail-devouring” OUROBOROS
Calibrated, in a way TARED
Kitchen organizer PLATERACK
Old Ford Motors offering, informally TBIRD
Currency that features a phoenix on one of its bank notes YEN
Classic board game invented by an Oscar-winning French filmmaker RISK
Show rooms? VENUES
Jump, in a way POGO
Quality of some coincidences EERINESS
True-crime series about a physician who commits gross malpractice DRDEATH
“Hang On ___” (official rock song of Ohio) SLOOPY
Nickname that drops “son” ALI
International cricket powerhouse: Abbr. PAK
Birthplace of Ang Lee TAIWAN
“Ugh, not this again!” IMSODONE
Poker variety? AWL
Seasons SALTS
___ state (overprotective government) NANNY
Nonplussed ATSEA
They’re not easy on the eyes STYES
It helps keep you on your toes BALLETSLIPPER
“No preference” IMEASY
Scarfing down INHALING
“Same here” SOAMI
Isn’t totally in the dark HASANIDEA
Never-seen character on TV’s “Mork & Mindy” ORSON
Heavy load ONUS
Animal studied for its regenerative abilities NEWT
Makes NETS
Heavy read TOME
Company whose name sounds like its last two letters ESSO


Block of text duplicated and reposted online, in internet slang COPYPASTA
Principle underlying just governance RULEOFLAW
Citrusy ingredient in some wood polishes ORANGEOIL
Bon ___ MOT
Over, in Österreich UBER
Former Chicago mayor ___ Lightfoot LORI
Ready to fly, as an arrow NOCKED
[How disappointing!] TSK
Yogurt dip often served with pita LABNEH
Hybrid with a Latin name PRIUS
Toast starter HERES
Kicks in ADDS
They hold solutions VIALS
Cry after stubbing a toe, maybe OWOW
Large quantities REAMS
Tang, e.g. DYNASTY
Affixes to a scrapbook, say PASTESIN
Fair hits? PONYRIDES
Equestrian princess in the 1976 Olympics ANNE
Command and Control KEYS
Romano o siciliano ITALIANO
NBC current affairs program beginning in 1992 DATELINE
The French? LES
Alternatives to Budgets ALAMOS
A baby one is called a red dog BISON
“L’elisir d’___” (Donizetti opera) AMORE
Minimal LEAST
“My point is ?” INSUM
None of it is good, in an aphorism NEWS
Castilian cat GATO
“___ enough for ya?” HOT

Clues are given in order to help you all solve the given crossword puzzles easily in a very less amount of time. Do make sure to give it a try and challenge yourself as these puzzles are really fun to solve which will create a kind of brainstorming session for you. The hints are there to help you and the difficulty level is moderate so you don’t need to worry. Bookmark our website for more such crossword puzzles which are published every day along with the answers of the previous crossword puzzles.

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